You go to the sewer. Grillo sacrifices Raggi to find an agreement with the Democratic Party – Il Tempo

Francesco Storace

There will be a sewer. It deserves nothing else Beppe Grillo, with his reckless output yesterday to cover Virginia Raggi on the way to escape. A sonnet in Roman dialect borrowed and banged on his blog does not make happiness. Not even for a comedian who must be really sad in this period among the Five stars precipitated in the ridiculous and the son at risk rape trial. Rome must be respected, pampered, loved, and he insults her in a really heavy way: Beppe Grillo has lost his head. It offends the city and the Romans because it has to decide once again the fate of the pentastellate.

Beppe Grillo he knows that in Rome his movement will be buried and he goes to the ring to punch everyone. But the exit from the manhole where he had locked himself is bad. He was witty, now not anymore. Leave everyone speechless for a “style” that on the stage deserves only avalanches of tomatoes in the face. They are technical proofs of artistic-political decline.

Shooting the Romans in the face “you are sewer people” only serves one objective, which seems evident. Coupled with the hilarious – yes – “Rome does not deserve the Rays” – is the announcement of the exit of the mayor from the Capitol. It is as if he said “Virginia will withdraw it, I will not give you the pleasure of humiliating her with the popular vote”. It must be said that Raggi herself did not take it very well and vented herself on Facebook, but taking care to take it for “the people of the sewer” with the author of the Roman verses and not with the Genoese holy man.
It seems almost sentimental, Grillo, it’s actually just …