Yes of the CDM with a budget deviation of 25 billion – Il Tempo


Rome, July 22 (Adnkronos) – The CDM, as learned from ministerial sources, has given the green light to a 25 billion balance sheet deviation. The meeting was preceded by a long summit of the heads of delegation and majority economic managers with Prime Minister Conte.

In the meeting that preceded the CDM, the recovery fund would also be discussed.

The government will seek authorization from Parliament for further recourse to debt of € 25 billion in 2020, € 6.1 billion in 2021, € 1.0 billion in 2022, € 6.2 billion in 2023, € 5.0 billion euro in 2024, 3.3 billion in 2025, and 1.7 billion from 2026. The new level of general government net debt is consequently set at 11.9 per cent of GDP in 2020. The new level of public debt stands at 157.6 per cent of GDP in 2020.

“Refinancing the layoffs, incentives for new hires and strengthening of the new skills fund. With the largest part of the 25 billion euro budget gap approved in the CDM, we are giving further fuel to businesses and more protection for workers”. This was stated by the Minister of Labor Nunzia Catalfo in a tweet.

The Council of Ministers has not taken any formal decision on the extension of the state of emergency for Coronavirus, which is currently due to expire on 31 July. During the day there was a rumor of a possible postponement on 31 October.

The extension would be necessary to close all the fronts on which the government is committed due to the Covid emergency, such as the various requirements necessary to ensure the safe opening of schools in September. For this, according to some ministerial sources, the government has taken a ‘more’ reflection and Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte should still go to Parliament, perhaps already at the beginning of the week, before taking any decision.