will not end well – Time

Giada Oricchio

Lorenzo Amoruso in tears in the penultimate episode of Temptation Island, the docu-reality of Canale 5: “I miss Manila to die for”. Are orange flowers coming?

Lorenzo and Manila are above all for sensitivity, properties of language and moral straightness. Social media adore them, adventure companions as well. Lorenzo is embittered by the decisive externations of Manila (“let’s make eternal sweethearts, see each other only on weekends, I need stability”) and lets himself go to a virile and splendid cry behind mirrored glasses: “I think it will not end well, but I miss him to death, I miss him a lot. ” Former playboy footballer, tall, corpulent, great, but basically a cream heart.

In the penultimate episode of Temptation Island, finally there is a video also for Manila who in pinnettu listens to her boyfriend talking about their relationship: “Going to Rome makes me feel good, I like it, I made myself available. But I can’t leave in Florence. She brought me here to see how I related to other women. We thought of a son, if he comes I am happy, if he doesn’t come, it will be okay. “

La Nazzaro blurts out surprise: “What does it say? It is not true that we are trying! ” and then he gives a lesson in style: “I don’t like him making the sborone saying he could keep me. I don’t want to sacrifice myself for a man, I’ve never done it and life has taught me it’s not worth it. Distance is not good for relationships. Asking doesn’t belong to me, I didn’t even want my husband’s credit card. I’m self-sufficient and I’m not a housewife, I would be unhappy. “

Manila is a strong-willed and proud woman, the opposite of Anna who in her place would have already taken barracks and puppets and moved to the shadow of Ponte Vecchio. Lorenzo suffers and reiterates that he has given her all the guarantees of being a serious person and not wanting to be a boyfriend. Thursday night on Canale 5 will you prove it by making her the marriage proposal?