«We young Irpinians in the North are the real workforce»

twelve o’clockJune 1, 2020 – 6:21 pm

Italy’s engine still seems to be able to find jobs in the south, albeit modest, but it does not seem at all ready to host them

of Luigi Capone *

Dear director, without absolutely wanting to minimize the tragedy that many citizens are experiencing, in Irpinia there are far more important problems than Covid-19 and they are the ones that forced me to move to the North. One less mouth to feed, one less competitor for public offices. We have lived and are still experiencing the emergency in a literal sense, the emergence of our true personality. When it is all over, we will have proven to be worse than what we boasted. From North to South I see more and more people, not women or men but people, which etymologically derives from the Etruscan “fersu”, “mask” in fact. And out of danger we will never be, life is dangerous in itself, but the Piedmontese, Emilian and Lombard multinationals are already threatening the government, they want to produce and invoice more than before and they don’t care in the least about our lives. The important thing for them is to bill. they replaced the slogans of the French Revolution, Liberté, Égalité and Fraternité: Laurà, Laurà, Laurà. The essence of the capitalist Po-thought.

But who really works? The “engine of Italy” still seems to be able to find jobs in the south, albeit modest, but it does not seem at all ready to host them. Many of those of my generation live moving year by year in cities that are now suffocating and anthropoemic like Bologna (primarily), Milan, Turin, Florence (not to mention the now unlivable Venice). The only ones who manage to live well in the Greater North are those who have received a house as a gift from their parents in Bologna, Milan, Turin, etc. The feeling for the new “worker-south” is that wherever the air is saturated, that the cities are now dead and emptied of their soul long before the pandemic. The “new bourgeois of the north”, on the other hand, is the owner of real estate, the son of the old capitalist entrepreneurs, who lives exclusively on rent by renting the fathers’ houses to the other social class. To hear them, however, their occupations would be those of photographer / freelance, music critic / painter, painter / painter, generic artists, musicians, philosophers, poets. Despite continuing to repeat the cliché of the southerner who does not want to work, the current situation seems exactly the opposite.

So what has Italy become today, pre, post and during the pandemic watershed?

As a southerner, I don’t feel called when Salvini says in Lombard “itagliani”. In this climate of increasing hatred between North and South, Felt too, who became the anti-De Luca par excellence in the game of the parties, is none other than one who speaks frankly (“What do you want to expect from a shoe-shaped country?” Freak Antoni would have said from Bologna) then I think the only moment that should really unite us all is a date hidden on the right, April 25th. Why not on May 1st? Because workers are now a minority in this country, not only in the south. In Padania the non-workers are those millions of individuals who make a living on the properties acquired by their parents, in Terronia they are the ones resigned and settled to the life of the country who survive with the pensions of their old people in front of the bar.

RESISTANCE is the term to be rehabilitated, definitively laying the unbearable “resilience” that is so fashionable on social networks. The real point of union between North and South to build a unique feeling, an identity.

*Among the creators of the page of satire culture and information Irpinia Paranoica

June 1, 2020 | 18:21