We will free Italy – Time

Tajani, Meloni and Salvini
Pietro De Leo

The square, or antidote to the virus that often infects the center-right, that of distinctions and a competition from which thorns emerge through which the allies injure each other. Yesterday’s appointment in Piazza del Popolo did not fail to comply with the rule, where this rite of cohesion took place which, in its long anthology, at the pole of moderates, conservatives and sovereigns always succeeds well. Epochs change, leaders change, but not the result, yesterday morning symbolized by a single symbol, that flag placed in each chair that absorbed the party flags. And therefore, on the stage, Antonio Tajani, vice president of Forza Italia, Giorgia Meloni, leader of the Brothers of Italy and in closing Matteo Salvini, secretary of the League, succeeded each other. Each in its own way, and with various intensities, has traced the architecture of that center-right that wants to return to rule, and wants to do it together. Here are the pillars: the return to vote, of course; the culture of social inclusion through work (as opposed to that of income, promoted by the center-left government), tax relief, justice reform both after Palamara’s interceptions on Salvini, and after the news on the Mediaset ruling concerning Silvio Berlusconi, to whom all the leaders have reserved a very warm tribute (however, the signature collection gazebo for the President of Forza Italia senator for life is crowded). The position of Italy firmly on the Atlantic axis and the condemnation of the Chinese repression in Hong Kong: “Them” says Tajani …