War on Security. The government wants to spread migrants across Italy

The draft of the Migrants dl has not yet been defined and perhaps it will be discussed after the summer. Equally, it has not yet been decided how to rename the Siproimi, the services for asylum seekers, but there is absolute certainty about how it works.

Reception for everyone then other than the diktats that Luigi Di Maio propaganda against illegal immigration: «Quick repatriations and interventions against the traffickers’ boats are already provided for by the Security Decrees, the same ones that the majority want to cancel urges Matteo Salvini to reveal the bluff – Just apply the existing rules. The use of the army to seal reception centers should not only be proposed as Minister Guerini does: it must be done ». It is in fact guaranteed that the closure of the large temporary centers desired by the Giallorossi government will feed the displacement of immigrants in small municipalities, creating a pool of problems and repercussions not only on the resident population but also on the local administration. Many small Lampedusa will grow which, in the various hinterlands, of the many Italian capitals may not be able to sustain the impact of foreigners only with the help of the local police. At the moment on the Peninsula the identified immigrants present in the hot spots, in the Cas and on the territory are over 171 thousand. For newcomers, however, prefectures will identify areas for widespread reception where first and second level services will be set up. To the already settled immigrants, others will be added. With the risk that, as soon as the decree is signed and the request to obtain the three-year valid identity card is confirmed, the public administration will be overwhelmed by a myriad of appeals by foreigners already included in the reception and asylum seekers to whom, however, the dl Safety of Matteo Salvini, had not granted the identification document. However, the Giallorossi would already have the answer in their pocket: converting their residence permit into a three-year identity card. It is almost absolute will that there will be no differentiation between applicants for international protection and those who have already received the title of refugee. After identification, the applicant is expected to be transferred to the structures of the former Sprar. Those with vulnerability needs will be transferred to government center facilities as a priority. At the same time, those who have already completed a path in the first reception can be inserted directly into the second level services or in the integration paths that will be managed by the so-called competent administrations.

It is not excluded that the Cittalia foundation headed by ANCI, the National Association of Italian Municipalities, which until 2018 has been the beacon of attraction for the organization of certain modalities, will come back into vogue. To date, however, at least according to the first draft of the Migrants Decree, there are no financial items. To engage the realities that will have to manage above all the II level Sprar, the resources to be committed for the path of social and work inclusion will have to be recovered. The numbers of the past count almost 500 million per year for the unified Sprar, so for the Siproimi. And according to indiscretions, there is no time to waste given that the decree is insured for the 2020-2021 period. We need appropriations for language training, information on individual rights and duties and orientation in the world of work. It is not excluded that the Conte 2 government even wants to use a portion of the Recovery fund to start the necessary integration initiatives.