Virus, Bersani shock: “Cemeteries would not have been enough with the center-right”

Close your eyes. Head back to those photographs of Giorgo Gori at the restaurant, Luca Zingaretti’s aperitifs, Beppe Sala’s dreamy hashtags and his “Milan-never-stops”. Then reopen them, and read the shock sentences thrown by Pier Luigi Bersani from Bianca Berlinguer’s living room:“The message that the center-right is giving from outside and inside Parliament is a stab at the country. And these people here, let someone in Piacenza tell you, there is the doubt that if they had governed they would not have been enough cemeteries”. When the thrill that has run down your back has passed, close your eyes again and head back to the caravan of army trucks that take the corpses from Bergamo, because the crematoria cannot keep up with him. Think back to the 150 candles lit in the church of San Lorenzo to remember the souls of Manerbio or at the last farewell of Father Mario at the 45 coffins lined up in his church in Seriate. Now reopen them and re-read what Bersani said. If Italy were not a country on the contrary, one could think of a macabre joke. Instead it’s all true.

Bersani’s reasoning starts from the demonstration last Saturday against the Giallorossi government. The center, who appeared compact in the square in Rome, was accused of not respecting the rules of social distancing. Instrumental accusations to try to keep track of the alarm launched from Piazza del Popolo. From here the odd combination with the orange vest processions led by the General Antonio Pappalardo. The statements, released two nights ago by the deputy of Liberi and Uguali, have been tracked until Giorgia Meloni, justly indignant, did not report“the ideological hatred of the left that does not stop even in the face of the dead”. The leader of Fratelli d’Italia speaks of words“Shameful”, and it is difficult to blame her. Not only, or not so much, because they risk sending the careless national unity between majority and opposition wished yesterday by Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte. But also because they show that they forget what happened two months ago, shortly after Codogno’s first infection.

It is perhaps the case, then, to refresh some memory. When Attilio Fontana he was trying to make the country (and the government) understand the critical situation of the pandemic situation, Bersani’s majority colleagues mocked him for wearing the mask live on TV. For Matteo Orfini he was a“useless and harmful gesture for the message it spreads”, that is, of excessive alarmism. And Maurizio Martina invited the League to not“panic food so as not to further harm citizens and the country”. They are only two examples, but there would be plenty of them. The first to minimize in the aftermath of the first infections (and the first deaths) are scientists, but politicians are certainly no less. In Milan, for example, the mayor Beppe Sale launches the initiative “Milan does not stop” on social networks and even has the slogan embroidered on a white t-shirt. And what about the secretary piddì, Nicola Zingaretti, whose management of the emergency as governor of the Lazio Region has not been brilliant, which posts photographs on social media while toasting the Milanese nightlife. “I accepted Sala’s appeal – he writes on Twitter – we don’t lose our habits, we can’t stop Milan and Italy”. An euphoria that paid off with a few weeks in bed because of the virus. And again: while the Pirellone asked Conte to extend the red zone to the Val Seriana (and only received doors in the face), the mayor Piddì Giorgio Gori dined with his wife in the restaurant and invited the Bergamo people to do the same.

We will never know how many deaths Italy would have mourned in case of government center-right. However, we know how many died with the Giallorosa government: 33,601, at least those certified to date. More than France, Spain, Germany and so on. And we know what happened with the lack of red zone in Val Seriana, with the delays in the purchase of the masks, with the chaos of the respirators or with those direct TVs of the premier that caused a mass escape from Lombardy. It all really happened. And in this case, yes – but for real – sometimes crematoriums were not enough.