Very little is missing until May 18, the governors are still waiting for the Dpcm

A few hours after the new reopening phase (Monday 18 May), the one that concerns restaurants, bars, shops and other businesses that have so far been closed and seriously damaged by the economic crisis triggered by the Coronavirus emergency, tension is starting to rise. since the Dpcm long awaited and promised at the press conference by the premier Giuseppe Conte has not yet arrived.

Yesterday evening, shortly after the direct from Palazzo Chigi, the first discontent had immediately occurred, which had led the Prime Minister to face a long negotiation that lasted until 4 in the morning with the presidents of the Regions unhappy with the government’s decisions. Despite the leaked news of reaching an agreement, currently much discussed Dpcm it has not been enacted, and the governors are still pending.

The provisions of the Regions they are ready, but without government guidelines it is not possible to move forward.

“The order is ready. Only my signature is missing, which will be placed as soon as Conte’s Dpcm is received”, the president of the Lombardy Region wrote an hour ago Attilio Fontana on their Facebook page.“After a very long negotiation, which ended at 3:15 Last night, the regions, united and compact, obtained that the guidelines they proposed were an integral part of the government’s Dpcm, to avoid interpretative conflicts with the national ones. But above all to make the rules to refer to clearer for citizens. There was an overlap of rules that would not have allowed operators to resume activities. With the Inail’s guidelines, nobody would be able to start again. In the meantime, confident that the approved text will finally arrive from Rome, I publish the guidelines proposed by the Regions that the Government has undertaken to implement in the text of its decree “.

“We are still waiting for the Dpcm on the rules we worked on all night. Rules that citizens, operators, artisans, can understand and apply, otherwise it turns into a false start “instead, declared the governor of Liguria Giovanni Toti, during his speech at “Half an hour more”.

Also awaiting the president of the Veneto region Luca Zaia:“Yesterday I said that I did not sign the new ordinance, because I wanted to see the Dpcm. Today I tell you that the ordinance I wrote it, only my signature is missing”, began, as reported by “Huffington post”.“I wait only, prudently, since we are dealing with Rome, and there are always surprises, to see the text. In a few hours it is announced. I just need to sign it, there is nothing left to do to write “.

“I want to correct an information that has been circulated in these hours on the media on the agreement reached between the Regions and the State: Campania does not agree, has not signed any agreement”, wanted to specify the governor Vincenzo De Luca.“I believe that the Ministry of Health must rule on some general safety rules. Then it is clear that regional flexibility is needed, but on the fundamental rules it is not possible that the Ministry of Health and the Government opportunistically unload decisions on the Regions, this it is not acceptable”, he concluded.

“My order is however ready for signature and extends as I promised as much as possible the exercise of the activities, strengthened by the current health conditions in our island. On this point, Rome had to listen to us. To avoid unpleasant surprises (trusting is good but …) we are still waiting to deal with national provisions “, the president of the Sicily Region declared on his Facebook profile yesterday evening In the Musumeci.

At the moment, therefore, still awaited.