Versace, ‘center-right choose a truly representative candidate’ – Il Tempo


Rome, 9 Aug. (Adnkronos) – “As much as I am a person who plays in a team, I really struggle to understand the choice of the League in proposing as mayor of Reggio Calabria a candidate who, however valid, does not live or know the city. personal towards Nino Minicuci but I believe that, beyond national equilibrium, now more than ever it is necessary to listen to the people who live the territory and who, it is not a mystery, are asking for a candidate who is, as well as competent, above all present . To beat Falcomatà, the outgoing mayor, it is necessary that the center-right proposes a figure that is truly representative of the entire coalition and that enjoys wide consensus in the city. to those who experience the city. ”This was stated by Giusy Versace, deputy of Forza Italia.