United sòla of Benetton. Conte had himself put in the bag on the motorways – Il Tempo

The Ponzano Veneto family melina on the passage of Aspi to the state. And the prime minister risks the fool

By the end of the year, Giuseppe Conte’s government will trigger the increases from January 1 of the motorway tariffs that have been frozen in the past two years. So contrary to political commitment, traveling on the highway will cost more and not less. The biggest takings will of course end up in the belly of Autostrade per l’Italia (Aspi), which at the beginning of next year will still be controlled overwhelmingly by the Benettons through the company Atlantia which owns 88% of the capital. The tug of war with the Benettons is taking a very different turn from the announcements made by the premier in mid-July, even if the games that are being played are essentially two, like the tables at which they are dealing. One is that of the comparison with the Ministry of Infrastructure …