Two border policeman brothers arrested at Fiumicino – Il Tempo airport

 Police at Fiumicino airport
Massimiliano Gobbi

Arrested police brothers who favored illicit trafficking of an organization made up mostly of non-EU citizens. The two worked hard to get a Syrian and a Mexican citizen in and out of Fiumicino airport dedicated to evading security checks from the gates for scheduled flights.

And so, in the morning today, the agents of the mobile team, in collaboration with the agents of the 5th Border Police Zone Lazio, arrested them, subjecting them to the measure of house arrest, following the order of precautionary custody issued by the G.I.P. of the Court of Rome. This is RA born in Civitavecchia (RM) on 29.10.1971, Assistant Chief Coordinator of the State Police on duty at the Border Police of the “Leonardo da Vinci” International Airport of Fiumicino (RM) and RF, born in Civitavecchia ( RM) on 29.10.1971, Assistant Chief Coordinator of the State Police in service at the 5th Border Police Area Lazio – Umbria – Sardinia – Fiumicino Airport Terminal 2 ° Sector – Office of the Frontier – Operational Teams Section – Unit “E”. Under house arrest also the Syrian citizen G. k. born in Mzaynech (SYRIA) on 03.01.1955. Furthermore, the prohibition of residence and access in the territory of the municipality of Rome and its province was subjected to: Q.E.S. called “the Mexican”, born on 21.10.1965 in Mexico.

At the end of the judicial police activities, serious indications of guilt were collected, by the two police brothers, as corrupt and by the Syrian citizen, as corruptor, regarding the crime of corruption for the exercise of the function.

The investigations, which led to the issuance of the restrictive orders, started in May 2018 and ended about a year later, were coordinated by the District Anti-Mafia Directorate of the Public Prosecutor’s Office at the Court of Rome.

The main audit evidence was acquired through the performance of an intense technical activity and with the performance of O.C.P. with the acquisition of the documentation from the police offices involved, aimed at verifying what emerged from the offense.

The activity was inspired by the hypothesized existence of a criminal organization dedicated to the commission of crimes relating to counterfeiting for the subsequent regularization of foreign citizens, in which the Syrian citizen G.K. who had frequent telephone contacts with members of the State Police. G.K. it turned out to be the main subject with the role of “dominus”, on which all subjects depended; these, entrepreneur of Syrian origin, transplanted for several years in Italy, during his stay in the state, managed to achieve an obvious ease, as can be widely seen from the corporate investments in which he is present, resulting in numerous activities economic commercial in the hotel and restaurant sector. It was in his restaurants that the apparently convivial encounters between the associates took place.

In the course of the investigation activities, the purposes of the relations between the aforementioned and the members of the State Police in service at the Fiumicino airport, which were completely at the disposal of the Syrian, to the point of allowing him and to other subjects indicated by the same, to evade security checks from the gates for incoming and outgoing scheduled flights.

In particular, the two brothers worked, as ordered by the Syrian, in letting him enter and leave undisturbed from the airport where they serve, and at the disposal of the same, they also favored another partner, the Mexican, who, not being subjected at customs controls, he was able to export undeclared currency and diamonds.