Trotta ( “Reorganization and security so I beat the virus”

“Strengthened structure and reorganization to guarantee an efficient service on the whole territory”. Thus, the online wine shop with the best wines in Italy, has managed to offer its products to Italian consumers even in the weeks of the lockdown. In full compliance with workplace safety rules and those related to the current emergency, in fact, the company has strengthened its structure, and has won the bet.
«Our timeliness has allowed us to collect in a very short time a decidedly unexpected volume of certified reviews with excellent marks, the percentage 99% of the cases that obviously makes us proud» explains Michele Trotta, co-founder and CEO of
«Today we continue to deliver throughout Italy in 24/72 hours and we offer the customer a wide range of products, with advantageous conditions, which can be consulted on our website, starting from the discount of 10 euros on the first order – continues Trotta -. On our platform you can find products for any taste and palate, from the best known wines to the most refined ones, from the large presence of Italian ones to French champagnes, at always really competitive prices ».
To help the consumer in the choice, also proposes a wine evaluation system: a “tasting grid” with information on the quality of the products, which allows you to identify those most similar to your tastes.
On the current emergency situation, the CEO specifies: “We have experienced a surge in work that has led to a doubling of turnover in three weeks, with an investment in human resources focused mainly on warehouse and back office functions. In this circumstance, to ensure maximum safety, we have tripled the assembly lines of the packs that contain the wines, in order to distance the packaging workers as much as possible, who currently work at least four meters from each other.
We were thus able to satisfy the increase in orders, doubled in a few days, thanks also to a logistics that moves more than a million bottles a year, with a warehouse owned and managed directly by us: a factor that helps us allows you to work orders very quickly and deliver in 48/72 hours throughout Italy, in Rome even in less than a day. In a period in which many e-commerce companies are having many difficulties and delays in deliveries – concludes Trotta – we are efficient as always ».