Tridico, the flop continues. Now the Cig unpaid by INPS are almost 1.2 million – Il Tempo

Pasquale Tridico

Updated data compared to Sunday. Instead of paying off the million missing services, the Institute has accumulated further delays. Here are all the numbers

That the payment of the Wages Guarantee Fund to those entitled by INPS was in a sensational delay is now known, also thanks to the scoop of Tempo which a few days ago demonstrated, with the testimony of a table by the Institute, as if they were a million the Italians who had not received what was due to them despite the promise of President Pasquale Tridico to settle everything by June 12th.

The news is that after a few days, not only the INPS did not run for cover, but the situation has worsened. “Il Tempo”, in fact, is able to provide an update of the picture. As it turns out, as of June 16, 2020 (four days after the 12th “within which we will pay everything”), approximately 600 thousand unpaid lay-offs have yet to be paid. To which approximately 300 thousand ordinary layoffs and 270 thousand FIS must be added. The total is quickly done: approximately 1,170 thousand assistance services that INPS has yet to provide. Other than “all solved”, in short.

The reasons for the delay would be manifold. In some cases, the regions would not have processed the data to be transmitted to the institute in time. Which, in any case, is not technically capable of processing more than 50 thousand a day. If even the requests were to remain the same and not increase (unlikely), it would take at least another twenty days to satisfy everyone. In short, the payment of the latest services would slip in July.

Data that dramatically contradict the narrative of Tridicus, who asked to be interviewed to say “we paid them all”.

ALREADY after the data produced last Sunday by Il Tempo, several members of the opposition, the force mafia leader Maurizio Gasparri, had called for the resignation of Tridico. It’s easy to imagine that requests will become increasingly pressing now.