Today we unmask them – Time

Giorgia Meloni

Dear Director, the day of our demonstration has finally arrived in Piazza del Popolo. The united center-right, with a lot of tricolor but without party flags, in a narrow square, spaced out and perhaps a little cooled by the anti-Covid provisions, but heated by the warmth of an immense people to whom we have a duty to give voice. Yes, because, after the well-known events of June 2, it was not easy to organize even this event. You know, the distances in Italy are valid only when those who contest the government come down to the square. They apply to the center-right, they apply to tartated traders. The Gay Pride does not apply on April 25, May 1, nor when Silvia Aysha Romano arrives, when Conte goes to walk the catwalk in front of the new bridge in Genoa or when the left shows for George Floyd. And once again …