Tiscali booms in Piazza Affari – La Stampa

On the day in which Tiscali scores an amazing + 61.20%, the Milan Stock Exchange concludes trading with the Ftse Mib index down by 0.20% to 19,595 points (All Share -0.24% to 21,409) despite some positive macroeconomic data, such as those on the labor market in Italy or Germany, which reduced the estimates of a fall in gross domestic product.

The green light for the establishment of the single broadband network led to the boom of Tiscali which we have mentioned while Tim lost 2.06%. Mediaset was down (-1.87%) on the day when the Dutch judiciary also rejected the Mfe project. Badly several big names in energy (Enel -1.12% and Eni -0.31%) and industry (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles -1.18% and CnhI -0.63%). In the finance sector, Unicredit -1.20%, Intesa Sanpaolo -0.19%, Generali + 0.15% and Mediobanca + 0.47%.

As for tomorrow’s economic appointments, several indications are expected from the United States: the numbers of labor and industrial orders will be communicated, and the Beige Book will be published (periodic report of the Federal Reserve on the overall trend of the economy American). The International Energy Agency will update the world on oil production and stocks, to be assessed also in relation to the strength of the global economic recovery.