Tim, 700 thousand followed the digital school “Masters of Italy”

Over 700 thousand views during a total of seven weeks of programming which correspond to 6 thousand minutes of live broadcasting and 18 thousand hours of on demand, 33 days of live broadcasting with 3 different daily formats, 80 live streaming and thousands of social interactions. These are the numbers of Maestri d’Italia, the special online Internet school, conceived and curated by Riccardo Luna, promoted by Tim together with over 30 partners in the context of the Digital Risorgimento Operation program to bring digital culture into Italian homes.

Tim has been at the side of the Italians in this terrible emergency and will continue to do so even in the restart phase. We have favored – explained Salvatore Rossi, president of the TLC group – the diffusion of digital technologies, first of all by guaranteeing and strengthening the voice and data transmission network, but also by providing various sections of the Italian population with lessons and dialogues on the topic of innovation. Thanks to Tim, businesses, families and students were able to take advantage of a school of excellence on digital skills, the real key to the country’s development. Bridging the digital divide a big goal. We must join forces and close this gap of skills, we must do it immediately and together.