Those of the anonymous kidnappings. That’s why the government wanted to keep the minutes of the experts secret – Il Tempo

The consultants of Palazzo Chigi recommended: zone and floor lockdown with tele-work. They have closed all of Italy at home

Francesco Storace

But if Matteo Salvini tried him for a few days of arrest at sea of ​​a group of migrants on charges of kidnapping, what will Giuseppe Conte have to do to have sealed an entire people inside the house without any scientific reason?

The lockdown was imposed on us by a narcissus prime minister, who had to prove he existed. We were in the hands of an anonymous kidnapping with no blood to shed. There were only very high fines if you dared to put your beak out of the house. Invented by Conte. The president of the council every evening delighted us with his direct facebook extolling the virtues of the scientific technical committee.

The premier made a little mouth and blinked eyes as he lingered on his favorite scientists. But he elbowed when he had to listen to them. On 9 March Conte signed the lockdown …