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Interview with Lollobrigida (FdI): “Fake and backdated documents to be put in order”

Francesco Storace

A nice trick with the Bellanova amnesty. Brothers of Italy found out, who asked for an account with an appeal to the government. They falsify documents to obtain the “regularity” that is obtained with the sound of money. The complaint is clear. We interviewed the president of the deputies of FdI, Francesco Lollobrigida, who with Hon. Andrea Delmastro signed the interpellation.

«In a report aired on Rainews 24 on the morning of July 29, a fraudulent use of the amnesty on immigrant workers wanted by ministers Bellanova and Catalfo was reported. We therefore deepened the investigation and submitted a parliamentary questioning on what emerged. In summary, the fraud consists in obtaining a backdated certificate certifying the permanence on Italian territory, useful for obtaining the requirements desired by the Minister for the amnesty. Specifically, upon payment of 500 euros, at the Vittoria Hospital it appears possible to obtain an STP Health Card – a foreigner temporarily present – dedicated to the care of illegal immigrants. With this card, following a payment of 4000 euros, you can turn to compliant patronages who then proceed with the practice of amnesty. In addition, a foreigner was interviewed in the service who had just arranged the documents to obtain the amnesty for a friend of his who is in France and who has never been to Italy. It is clear that, once again, the government has failed to achieve its political objective but has morally made itself complicit in the affairs of those who speculate on immigration and the illegal work business …