The virus on the stock exchange ate 83 billion euros

The pandemic also hit Italians’ portfolios hard. Not only those for shopping but also those for equity or in any case dedicated to savings. The stock exchange, which is the main collector of money by those who bet on corporate risk, has suffered very severe repercussions. A report by the Mediobanca Research Area on the Covid-19 impact on the financial statements of the first quarter of 25 industrial and service companies of the main Ftse Mib index, indicates that the capitalization decreased by -22.4%, with a loss of 83 billion. As for the sectors, the companies of the energy / utilities sector recorded the lowest decrease (103.3 billion; -10.6% in the first quarter of 2020), while oil, suffered the sharpest slowdown (33 billion; – 34.8%), followed by services (18 billion; -28.1%) and manufacturing (134 billion; -25.8%). Compared to the first quarter of 2019, the companies analyzed lost overall revenues of almost 14 billion (-13.7%). Among the sectors, services recorded the lowest drop (-8.8%), followed by energy / utilities (-10.5%), while oil (-25.2%) and manufacturing (-11.8 %) report the biggest losses in turnover. In short, for now heavy losses, waiting for the restart to translate into an improvement in prospects, you have to clench your teeth and avoid panic.