The “Trojan horse” in the revival dl: the Sprar reopened to illegal immigrants

At bottom Luciana Lamorgese he said it clearly just a day ago: the Interior Ministry intends to dismantle the safety decrees signed by Matteo Salvini. “The work done up to February here at the Interior Ministry, to prepare a text, will certainly not be lost. It is now up to the majority forces and the government to decide the times and modalities to take up this issue again,” he told Republic the interior minister. And perhaps the times have already become ripe with the relaunch dl.

In the decree long awaited by the Italians who suffer from the economic crisis produced by the CoronavirusIn fact, an article has been inserted that the League already defines as a “Trojan horse” to dismantle the laws approved by the yellow-green government on immigration. AllArticle 16 the government has decided that “the places available in the structures of the protection system”, that is the ex Sprar, “can be used for the reception of applicants for international protection”. A practice that had been canceled precisely by the Security dl, which instead aimed to reserve places in the Siproimi reception circuit only for holders of international protection and unaccompanied foreign minors. The news, unless further extensions, will last at least until December, given that the relaunch decree provides that the derogation is valid for “six months following the cessation of the state of emergency referred to in the resolution of the Council of Ministers of 31 January 2020”.

Tough the comment of Stefano Candiani is Nicola Molteni, Northern League parliamentarians who were already under-secretaries when Matteo Salvini sat as Interior Minister at the Interior Ministry. “After opening the ports to illegal immigrants, the government uses the drama of Covid-19 to dismantle the security decrees with the Trojan horse of the DL revival – they say – In article 16, it is explained that the former Sprar will also be used for asylum seekers. More immigrants, more business, less attention to Italy. We will do everything to stop them “.

The decision of the government it risks igniting the public debate after the clashes provoked, even within the majority, by the amnesty on irregular workers. Teresa Bellanova (Iv), during the press conference to present the relaunch dl, thanked Lamorgese in tears for the mediation work with the Five Star Movement and the Democratic Party. The government had risked falling, also considering the announced (and then withdrawn) resignation of the minister of Italia Viva, and finding an agreement had not been easy. Now it remains to be seen whether that nostalgic grill area of ​​the agreement with the League will willingly accept the provisions of the relaunch decree. Or if other internal abdominal pains will arise.