The superbonus also extends to second homes: 110% relief – La Stampa

ROME. To guarantee energy efficiency, the superbonus is expanding: you can also ask for second homes, including terraced houses, and it will also apply to the Third sector. The incentives can also be requested by those who demolish and rebuild their homes. Nothing to do instead for the most luxurious homes, villas and castles. Partly satisfied Confedilizia, which points the finger at the exclusion from the facilities “of some categories of houses improperly considered luxury, which would be even devastating if it concerned the interventions on the common parts of the condominium”.

Parliament, albeit slowly, therefore continues to work on changes to the Dl Raise: the House Budget Committee aims to close the work by Thursday; after which the text will pass into the Chamber and subsequently to the examination of the Senate but will be armored. In the meantime, the universal single allowance for children is taking a step forward: the bill arrives in the Chamber in Montecitorio tomorrow, first signed by Delrio, part of the Family Act of Minister Iv Elena Bonetti. “It’s an important first step, we don’t stop there,” stresses the owner of the family. Many of the expected changes, on top of the measures to guarantee support for employment, should in any case flow into measures under study by the government: they range from the simplification package to the request for a further budgetary deviation. It was Deputy Minister of Economy Antonio Misiani who reiterated, before the deputies meeting in committee, the Executive’s objective of introducing, with the next decree in mid-July, “forms of incentives” to employment to “bring back to the all the people who are now on layoffs work. ” It is therefore a matter of fielding, is the reasoning, “a plurality of interventions”, which include “an extension of the social safety nets-Covid and the related prohibition of dismissal” but also “incentive tools aimed at companies to accelerate the reabsorption of the workforce “without forgetting the possibility of extending the suspension of the causal obligation for fixed-term contracts. And the extension of the Cig with the causal Covid was one of the issues addressed also during the meeting between the MEF technicians and the Ministry of Labor (also the two ministers, Roberto Gualtieri and Nunzia Catalfo were present): the hypothesis is build a selective measure, dedicated to companies that have suffered the most economic damage from the pandemic. Obviously this will happen on the basis of the numbers and the draft of the extraordinary shock absorbers put in place so far. The aim is also to strengthen the ‘new skills fund’, which aims to retrain workers in layoffs, taking advantage of the non-working hours for professional updating.