The slap to workers: only one out of five layoffs paid

In Italy the line that connects two points is the arabesque, said Flaiano. And it is the mirror of these months of delays. Where an economic fabric devastated by Covid, overwhelmed by the lockdown, has to deal with the slowness of the reaction tools.

An example is the redundancy fund. This is a very complex measure, because the demand passes through the Regions, after a framework agreement between unions and employers. After that, the Region sends INPS for the disbursement of the money.

So, the situation, as of yesterday, was as follows, as illustrated by the social security institution: the applications sent by the individual Regions to the institution for payment are 277,598. Of these, 163,974 were authorized by INPS, and 46,137 were paid to an amount of 97,017 workers. Less than one in five, therefore.

Quite painful data, which entered the public debate, even among the bodies involved. This is the case, for example, of Lazio where the regional councilor for Labor Claudio Di Berardino in a note launched a sort of appeal to INPS: «There are about 60 thousand – he writes – requests for layoffs in derogation that as Region Lazio we decreed and sent to INPS for liquidation. What has been done by our offices has been constant and daily work that has never stopped since March 25, even during the holidays. We hope, now, that INPS can quickly update its lists “. And he adds: “We are asking INPS to update its IT system so that it can read and accept all the other thousands of decreed questions that Lazio has sent to INPS for days.” Translated into figures: «Only 35,903 applications equal to our 169 management decisions are uploaded to the INPS system; those correctly sent by Lazio are 60 thousand applications contained in 266 determinations authorized by the Region ».

And the issue has sparked a political jolt in Sicily, a region that sees a significant delay in payments. A pool of companies and associations have made an appeal to the governor Nello Musumeci, and to the presidents of the Anti-Mafia Commissions of Sicily and the national Parliament. The message, in essence, is this: we have chosen to stay on the island with our activities, the inefficiency of the public car does not force us to go hungry.

The Sicily affair is quite complex, and is grafted into a complicated negotiation between the general manager of the Councilor for Labor Giovanni Vindigni and the public sector unions. Among the various points on the table, it seems there would have been a 10 euro bonus for each practice disposed of, which caused bitter controversy. Yesterday, however, Vindigni resigned and the President of the Region, Nello Musumeci, started an internal investigation on the whole affair and today he will hold a press conference together with the competent councilor, Scavone, to whom the 5 Star Movement has asked for his resignation by presenting to Ars a motion of censure.

Regarding the impasse, the Minister of Public Administration Fabiana Dadone has also started an inspection. Beyond the specific Sicilian case, the theme of excessive gear cumbersome is universally perceived. Here is what Marco Marsilio, governor of Abruzzo, says: “All the Regions, and I mean all, have asked to study a different procedure, given the exceptional nature of the event and the numbers. Suffice it to say that in peacetime, it takes two or three months to set up the paperwork, and we are not talking about the amount of questions received in our offices in recent weeks. The government did not want to listen to the regions, unloading on them the social anger of the workers “.

Unfortunately, another point of conflict, it seems to understand, between regional and central level.