The offense against the martyrs of the sinkholes. Gasparri massacre Di Maio – Time

An offense to the martyrs of the sinkholes. Forza Italia Senator Maurizio Gasparri bluntly accuses Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio. “The behavior of the Minister of Foreign Affairs Luigi Di Maio for the non-convocation of a delegation of our exiles to the diplomatic meeting with the Head of the Croatian State, which vice versa arranged for the leaders of the Slovenian minority to participate in the meeting, is inconceivable and unacceptable Italy, “says Gasparri.

Di Maio in Ljubljana to meet the Slovenian counterpart and talk about tourist flows

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“On the other hand, the behavior of Di Maio is serious; meeting with his colleague Slovenian Minister Anze Logar he did not bother to discuss the ceremony of the 13th July for the ‘return’ of the Balkan to the Slovenian minority in Italy and the ‘concern’ for the institution of the solemnity of 12 June (1945) as the ‘Liberation Day’ of the City of Trieste from the titan occupation – continues the vice president of the Senate – The reasons for our exiles have been totally forgotten by Minister Di Maio, a fact very serious which represents a further disfigurement to the martydom of the sinkholes. In short, a total lack of sensitivity on the part of a Minister unable to manage foreign policy and our national interests and certainly unaware of the history of the country. It sounds like a slap to history and memory, a total lack of knowledge on the part of the Minister of diplomatic art and international relations, the declaration afterwards was of no use the diplomatic meeting, about the (discounted) reopening starting from June 15 of the borders between Italy and Slovenia “.

Di Maio after the meeting with Logar enthusiastically tweeted: “France, Germany, Switzerland and today Slovenia too. The total reopening of the borders towards Italy on June 15 is becoming more and more concrete. Also from my colleague Logar today I received respect and appreciation for how the Italians dealt with this pandemic “.