The hypocritical silence of the goodists if it is the left not to welcome

Let’s do like this. Let’s go back a bit back in time to March 18 of last year. Remember? In Palazzo Chigi there was always Giuseppe Conte, but Gigino di Maio and Matteo Salvini. The Northern League occupied the highest bench of the Interior Ministry and fought his battle against the landings of migrants and NGOs. The Diciotti case, the security decrees, the challenge to solidarity ships. Not a day passed that there was no talk of closed ports and open ports, of the inhumanity of those who do not want to help foreigners, of the “kidnappings” at sea and so on. That day the Ionian Sea had rescued 49 migrants in front of Libya, he then headed for Italy and asked for a safe harbor in Rome despite Salvini’s alt. The morning after Repubblica he opened the newspaper with a headline, only three words: “Open the ports”. Inside the services of the envoys on the ship and a comment by Concita De Gregorio on “the law of the sea”. All very tearful.

Now let’s go back to the present time, between June and July 2020, when hundreds of migrants take off from the Libyan coast. This time to intercept them are the humanitarians of the Ocean Viking, ship of Sos Méditerranée. First aid dates back to a week ago when 117 migrants are rescued. Then others are added up to 180. The ship immediately asks for a port, but remains on stand-by for six long days. “Today they will land them,” they all say. Instead day after day nothing happens: zero news. “We have sent five requests to the Italian and Maltese maritime authorities: so far we have not received any answers except two, negative”, complaint the chief operating officer of Sos Méditerranée, Frédéric Penard. Castaways are “in precarious conditions”, some threaten suicide. Two of them jumped into the sea. “This is what happens when the landing of extremely vulnerable people is delayed for a long time,” writes the NGO on Twitter. The tension is sky high. “The survivors show signs of agitation, depression, extreme mental fatigue. The psychological distress caused by their trauma in Libya and from the current situation it is unsustainable. They must disembark immediately. ” A colossal drama. In short, there are all the key words to open the summer controversy against the ugly and bad government that leaves a ship full of desperate immigrants in limbo. #restiamoumani #aprirelefrontiere #portiaperti. Boats of MPs are expected to be ready to board in solidarity with the desperate. There are certain complaints left and right against the executive that does not open the ports. The political storm against the Interior Ministry it seems obvious. But no.

In fact, today there is an interior Luciana Lamorgese, which has long promised to change the Safety decrees without having yet found the square to really do it. You are part of the “good guys”, so you can’t blame the League’s malice for wanting to keep the ports closed. Forget it. Shut up and fly. At least – you say – Republic it will do as it did then, when it threw rivers of ink for the enormous appeal “open the ports”. A nice headline in the online edition. After all, the two events are similar, and perhaps today is even more serious. But no. The news is managed by Rep like any news report (these 180 migrants are worth less than those of the Ionian Sea a year ago?). A few hours after Ocean Viking’s appeal, the piece is struggling to find in the home page of the site, first hidden in a small box and then made to disappear among the Italian news several scrolls down. We see that “the law of the sea” has changed in the meantime. And now the good guys can leave the migrants out, without being accused of brutal racism. Good to know. But be careful: this is not called political opportunism. It is only pure hypocrisy.