The holiday bonus? It is for migrants. How much do quarantine ships cost us – Time

Landings out of control. Instead of blocking them, they waste taxpayers’ money

Francesco Storace

The naval blockade would almost cost less. But Italy is generous and the migrant business is always active. And so, in the triangulation between civil protection, the ministry of transport and the interior – with annexed prescriptions of that of health – nothing more than 35 euros per day …

The great escape from the migrant center. The video that shames the government

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Let’s hold on tight because for two ships destined to host illegal immigrants for a maximum of 460 cabins each, we are going to shell out, for just three months of stay on board, almost a dozen million euros. And if at the end of the contract someone else arrives who lands, the extension of the contract obviously costs more.

This time every “guest”, for ships equipped for the assistance and health surveillance of migrants rescued at sea or landed in Italy, will cost the taxpayer 35 euros per day of food only. Another thirty-six thousand euros a day …