The great exodus begins: 3 million from North to South

Phase two starts tomorrow. According to statistics, at least 3 million Italians who will move to reach other regions for work, necessity or to return to their home or residence, but also those who will move within the territory where they live to go to find relatives. Movements will mostly take place to and from Lombardy, the beating heart of the Italian business world, but we will move a bit from all areas of the boot, also in consideration of the fact that very many factories will reopen tomorrow, but also that several students away from home they could return to the place of their studies. The controls will proceed in the manner prescribed by the Prime Minister’s Dcmc and will be re-modulated on the basis of new needs and the number of people around, the Public Security Department of Rome said. The state police, however, will not only have to deal with traffic control, but given that there will be more people around, including anti-theft, anti-pickpocketing and anti-robbery services, even with plainclothes personnel. This is because it is certain that if the number of crimes had also fallen with the closure of activities, with the recovery micro-crime will certainly return to work. The biggest problem is that the increase in the number of people on the streets will inevitably lead to queues both at the toll booths and at the entrance and exit of the cities, especially the larger ones. That’s why on the highways the traffic police will not only fail to carry out the necessary sample checks on the self-certifications, but also to try to ensure that traffic does not block the roads for hours. What is certain is that if up to now it has also been possible to grant checkpoints to stop, as has happened in Rome with the municipal police, all cars in transit, from today it will be more difficult to stop everyone.

Law enforcement, however, will also be around to check compliance with the distance between people and that of the obligation to wear protective equipment. In short, those who do not wear the mask could also risk high fines.

The larger queues are no longer expected only in front of supermarkets, but also in the vicinity of restaurants or food delivery activities which, starting from tomorrow, will be able to reopen with the take away formula. The monitoring will not be done so much to repress, but to see if the rules are respected. This will allow field operators to report any critical issues that need to be remodeled and reported to the institutions so that “the shot is correct”. This is why now more than ever it is essential to respect the dictates of the Dpcm, so that any transgressions do not lead to disastrous steps backwards. The same thing will happen in shopping malls, in public parks, now open and in all those places where people could gather even if not allowed.

Those who leave or arrive will find more checks also at the station or at the airports, where the police could carry out sample temperature checks, using the thermoscanner. In the past few days, due to the closings, no more than 2 thousand people a day have been seen at Termini station, compared to 500 thousand in the previous periods. From tomorrow, rail traffic will bring more people and control activities will need to be strengthened, even with a targeted increase in staff. From sources close to the government, however, it is learned that much more freedom will be left for people to self-regulate themselves. In short, if we are all more responsible, we may soon have a few more small concessions.