The government’s summer of fire. What can make everything collapse

The issues that have been postponed for too long risk blowing everything up: Europe, simplifications, reform of the tax system, Alitalia, Autostrade, Ilva. These are just some of the open questions that demonstrate how the majority navigate on sight. Everything could collapse at any moment. The Giallorossi government is at risk of collapse. And the numbers in the Senate prove it. The scattered escape of the pentastellate does not bode well. Indeed, the prime minister would be very concerned Giuseppe Conte. The Five Stars have become protagonists of new goodbyes in these days.

There are at least seven Grillini senators unwilling to vote on the EU aid package if there is also the Mes. For this reason, in recent weeks, the Democratic Party would have started informal contacts both with Forza Italia and with the M5S to understand if it is possible to imagine an entrance in the majority of the Azzurri. The watchword is: keep going. And the hypothesis put in place by the dem was immediately rejected by the pentastellati. The same blues, writes the Sole 24 Ore, they delivered a cautionary message to the Democratic Party: before the regional ones, where they race together with Lega and Fdi, they are not ready for such a strong break with the allies.

It is an obstacle course. You navigate on sight in the executive, as we said. Already in mid-July, difficult problems are expected to be overcome. Starting with the vote on the new budget variance from 20 billion which requires the qualified majority of 161 elected a Palazzo Madama. However, the vote considered by all to be most at risk is the almost contemporary one to be held on the European aid package. In fact, by the 18th of next month the agreement on the Recovery Fund.

But the problems are not over. If even the government manages to overcome the summer path unscathed, it is not said that this could already fall into Autumn. Here is the term considered by all as decisive for truly understanding the fate of the Prime Minister. In September, in fact, the extent of the post crisis will be clearer Covid. If this were to be added the failure to decide on the dossiers still open, the perfect mix could materialize to convince most of the majority parties to blow everything up.

In addition to those already mentioned, there are many other open fronts in the government. Many of these closely related to the emergency coronavirus. And they represent the country’s economic problems. First of all, there are the rents. The lockout imposed with the Prime Ministerial Decree of 11 March completely blocked the sector. Then the commercial activities. The rented stores are over 809 thousand according to tax statistics. The closure, for many activities already proven by online commerce, puts the payment of the fees in doubt.

Then i construction sites. Everything is blocked, or almost. And the Giallorossi struggle to intervene. The difficulties that arise from Covid is stopping residential construction. Life is also hard for the real estate sector. Right now that the market was starting to look forward, everything stopped. And the questions multiply. But on this front there is no shortage of good news. The 110% bonus for those who want to renovate the house (contained in the relaunch dl) it has been modified by the Budget Committee in the Chamber. It is also extended to second homes (a maximum of 2 homes per citizen is envisaged), to independent institutions of public housing, to entities with the same social purposes, to undivided housing cooperatives, to non-profit organizations of social utility, to social promotion associations registered in the national register, associations and amateur sports clubs. Luxury homes are excluded from the deduction. The lockdown effect is also felt on the building renovation sector. Statistically more than 50% of the renovations to be started between spring and early summer would be at risk.

Finally, i mututhe. Legislative Decree 18/2020 has extended the stakes of the moratorium on first home loans to those who have seen their working hours reduced or suspended for at least 30 days. In the next 9 months it may also be requested by self-employed workers, if they claim to have suffered losses on a quarterly basis equal to 33% of turnover.

Among the corridors of Palazzo Chigi there are already those who are averting. And who knows if this government will have the strength and the ability to arrive unharmed at the end of the legislature.