“The government lacks respect for the work of accountants” – La Stampa

“It’s a matter of respect for our work, so without an extension, we are really in trouble.” Luca Asvisio, president of the order of accountants of Turin, speaks on behalf of the 120 thousand colleagues throughout Italy who are managing days of fire, without pauses just to chase all the work that has accumulated.

«A difficult situation has arisen for accountants who should, by July 20, determine the calculation of what is owed by businesses and individuals. A lot of work – he explains – which is added to all the other commitments deriving from the contributions for the lockdown, to the bonuses and to the support of the companies for the financing of the Liquidity decree ». And then, as for the other professions, the accountants also had to overcome the problems related to smart working and were unable to work at full capacity.

«It would have been at least respectful for our work to postpone a deadline at the end of September. As an order from the Piedmont accountants, we tried to ask for it from the first days of phase two, but nobody listened to us. Even the national council could have asked for it sooner and better, “comments Asvisio.

At the moment there is also a programming problem necessary to provide effective service to people. «Right now all my colleagues are in the studio working to try to respect their commitments. It had to be planned in advance but a deferment is also welcome even nearing the deadline “, adds the professional, underlining that” perhaps politics should remember the role of accountants not only in the moment of need “.

For Asvisio “the professional order represents an important economic institution, we should do something more striking because out of respect for the state and customers, however, we do everything to finish the job despite the sacrifices”.

An overload situation that pushes Asvisio to conclude: “When politics needs us we are always ready to provide help and we are proud of this but now we demand respect”.