The government is on the high seas. New stop to the dl Raise and split majority

All day yesterday the questions to exponents of the majority on the state of the art of the relaunch decree found the same answer declined in different ways: “You fight”. “We do it.” «Problems open on all fronts: there is a mess about money, about texts, about everything. Not only political problems, but also technical ones », were the replies that arrived.

So the Council of Ministers, initially scheduled for Friday, moved further and further, and the pre-council meeting to finalize the texts shifted from hour to hour: first it was scheduled in the morning, then after lunch, then at 6pm. At 7pm instead a government-regions conference is urgently convened, with Conte and company, and it is understood that even the preconsider will slip into the night. At dinner time the Minister of Economy goes on TV to reassure: “We have untied all the political knots of this imposing decree”, Gualtieri announces to TG5, explaining that during the night the preconsider will try to finalize the text: ” It is very consistent, and errors in the rules must be avoided ». The filing work will still be long, before bringing the decree to the table of the CdM.

But after 48 hours of trouble Conte launched a desperate ultimatum to the majority: we must get out of the quagmire immediately, close on a text, swallowing compromises, before the government loses its face.

On the day when industrial production collapses by almost 30% and when it is discovered that in Italy there are no masks or gloves and not even alcohol to disinfect, there can be no further show of impotence. The bill promised for early April to help the agonizing economy must come to light at least in mid-May. Overcoming the paradox that, for once the money (55 billion) is there, the government seems unable to spend it. Giving the opposition arguments to argue: “The majority is full of contradictions – says Silvio Berlusconi – the technicians are all right, and should be listened not only when they are comfortable. But politics must be the synthesis ». Exactly what Conte didn’t seem capable of doing.

The most agitated were the Five Stars, which move apart, divided even among themselves, and stand sideways on all fronts. First of all on the regularization of migrants, on whom the grillini have the same line as Salvini and Meloni. The downward compromise found on Sunday night is blown up on Monday morning: no permits to foreigners, better than slaves remain in the ghettos.

Conte’s attempt to recover a credit with Bonomi’s new Confindustria also creates great distrust in the Five Stars. So the announcement made on Sunday evening by Minister Gualtieri on the stop at Irap in June yesterday had returned to dance, with a half-backward movement of the Mef by Misiani’s mouth. But from Italia viva, which supports an even more extensive cancellation, they ensure that the cut will be made: “They cannot go back, even if the MEF is slowing down”.

For Confindustria the two billion foreseen are too few. While it was the fact that Minister Gualtieri, in the transmission Che tempo che fa, made it clear that to replace the revenues of that tax that companies pay to the Regions, and that the Regions employ to support healthcare spending, massive funds coming from the new MES will be used. An implication that made the grillini imbufalire, also attested here with Salvini on the “never Mes” line, and forced the Mef to partially brake. Renzians do not like the holiday tax credit created by Dario Franceschini: “Better to give money directly to hoteliers”.