“The government humiliates our marines”, and Meloni now nails Conte

Decided intervention by Giorgia Meloni, who harshly beats the government by taking the side of the sea Massimiliano Latorre, who ended up together with his fellow soldier Salvatore Girone at the center of the much discussed case of Enrica Lexie. Accused of killing two men off the coast of Kerala on board an Indian fishing boat (it was February 15, 2012), the two soldiers have for some time been fighting a real legal battle that shows no sign of ending.

On 2 July, the judges of the Permanent Court of Arbitration granted the military thefunctional immunity, as the two soldiers, at the time of the tragedy, were engaged in a mission on behalf of the Italian state. Apparently, however, the Indian judges are still submitting the marines to their own prescriptions, even though they no longer have the authority. To tell the facts, in an outburst on Facebook, it is Massimiliano Latorre.

“On July 2, 2020, the Arbitration Court of The Hague ruled attributing functional immunity to the 2 #Fucilieri di Marina on the #Enrica Lexie case, in fact India no longer has any authority over them”, explains the marò.“Well, actually tomorrow 5 August 2020, I will have to go to the carabinieri again to sign the register and the same will be sent to the Indian authorities, certifying that I am still under their jurisdiction and despite the fact that for over a month the court has sanctioned theillegitimacy of the claims of India and of the measures it has adopted by ordering its immediate forfeiture, this and all other restrictions remain in effect “.

Latorre’s bitterness is so great, and in the throes of despair the man turns directly to the Italian state.“I feel once again humiliated as a soldier and as a man, despite having turned to the political side to ask for directions on the line to take, and tired of the silence and absences on the part of those who disclosed this sentence as an absolute victory “, go on,“So, tomorrow, being a Military and having given my word, I will carry out my orders again, but I wonder, how much longer will we have to endure these gratuitous injustices?”.

After the sentence of the Arbitration Court of The Hague India no longer has authority over the two soldiers, as the emeritus professor of international law at the Luiss University Natalino Ronzitti also explains.“An act of the Italian government would probably be necessary to put an end to the restrictions”, says Dr. Ronzitti, as reported by “AdnKronos“.“The Hague sentence is immediately enforceable, therefore it is authentic and has value in the Italian legal system. I think it is therefore an Italian problem. If Latorre continues to sign, what are we doing? Are we not implementing this sentence? An administrative act would be enough to remove this duty “.

The leader of the Brothers of Italy took the side of the two marines Giorgia Meloni: “After years of injustice, our Marò are still forced to suffer humiliation by India. Sharing the words of Massimiliano Latorre, I officially ask the Italian government for explanations on what would be a shameful and unacceptable submission to the Indian authorities “, wrote Meloni on the pages of her Facebook profile.