The government has already run out of money. EU task force to control us

The government “celebrates” the agreement on the recovery fund but in Italy the money is already gone. And a masked Troika is coming from Europe: the European Commission will create a task force to coordinate the implementation of the Recovery plan and to support Member States in developing the national recovery and resilience plans that governments will have to present to obtain funding. The working group, which will be set up within the EU executive general secretariat, will start working from 16 August. This was announced by the European Commissioner, Margaritis Schinas, at the end of the college of commissioners. The task force will be led by the Commission’s Deputy Secretary General, the French, Cèline Gauer. «After Tuesday’s historic agreement on the multi-year budget and on Next Generation Eu explains Schinas – the college has decided to create a task force» which will operate «within the general secretariat, under the authority of President Ursula von der Leyen , which will coordinate the implementation of Recovery for the whole EU in the context of the pandemic “.

In Italy in the hours in which the majority and the opposition confront each other (and clash) on the options to be put in place to spend the funds (about 200 billion), the Minister of Economy Roberto Gualtieri raises the alarm: “We need cash immediately for Italian state and Mes is the most convenient way ». It is a backstory of the Sole24ore that tells of the concerns about the keeping of accounts, expressed by Gualtieri to the heads of delegation of the majority, before the CDM that gave the green light to the deviation. Net of the denial, weak and late (arrived after the controversy), Gualtieri places a divisive theme on the table of the Conte executive: “With another 25 billion deficit, the Mes becomes decisive to avoid problems for the state coffers”. A step backwards, compared to the post-agreement euphoria in Europe that seemed to put aside the use of the State-saving fund. The Treasury denies: “There is no cash problem for the state budget,” Meph sources report. Too late: the temperature in the grill house goes up. And also from the opposition shootings are fired against the Giallorossi: «In order to finish off the Mes as his Democratic Party claims, Minister Gualtieri speaks of cash problems for Italy. After months of lockdown what did you expect? Gualtieri’s is a bad sign for the markets and an absurdity after the successes of the last BTP auctions. Instead of the Italians, the Democratic Party protects the interests of the Troika. This government puts Italy in danger », attacks the leader of the League Matteo Salvini. How well founded are Gualtieri’s fears will depend on the size of the budget deviation: 22 or 25 billion? With 22 billion it would be possible to keep a 3 billion euro treasury that would avoid stressing the state coffers. Liquidity is a dossier that falls urgently on the executive table. On the one hand, money is needed to keep the state coffers from suffering, on the other, we dream of programs on the 200 billion that come (should) from Europe with the Recovery fund. It is a paradox. Another alarm comes from the Senator of the UDC Antonio De Poli: «On the budget shift, the Government will change course, listen to the proposals of the center-right opposition in view of the next decree: clear the taxes, postponing the tax deadlines to 2021 for the benefit of citizens, families and businesses, and the babysitting bonus for nurses and health professionals is refinanced immediately (the money is over) ».

The opposition presses the executive: «I will deposit the proposed law of Forza Italia to the Chamber for the institution of the bicameral Parliamentary Commission for the Recovery plan. The resources that will come from the EU and which will in any case increase Italy’s debt, cannot be managed by the majority alone or by the government “, the group leader of Fi announces to the Mariastella Gelmini Chamber. The leader of Fdi Giorgia Meloni is more cautious: «We are in favor of sharing everything we need to help Italians in these moments – then it depends on how you want to do the single-chamber or two-chamber commission. Until now the availability of the government has been totally facade. “