The government also quarrels over Salvini decrees: “We can’t dismantle them”

It seemed all done, but apparently the government can not find a common framework even with regard to decrees Safety. Yesterday evening, at the end of the fifth meeting at the Interior Ministry, she had been An agreement was found between Luciana Lamorgese and the majority on a new text to overcome the dl that bear the signature of Matteo Salvini. All this on the day the Senate gave authorization to proceed with the Northern League trial for the Open Arms case. It seemed that the Giallorossi had achieved one of the objectives that had been set for the birth of the Count bis: ports and doors open to all. Among the novelties of the new agreement is the cancellation of millionaire fines for ships Ong, the expansion of the possibility of accessing humanitarian protection, the revision of the reception system and the possibility for asylum seekers to enroll in the municipal registry.

But something went wrong. In fact, as reported byHuffington Post, the agreement lasted just over 12 hours: the summary has already been questioned by the Democratic Party and the 5 Star Movement. TO to divide the majority is the issue of fines for NGOs that provide relief at sea: according to the draft, there would no longer be administrative fines, but a criminal trial would be necessary. A factor that sent over all rampage the Grillini MPs who, after hearing the news, exploded in chats: “We cannot dismantle the Safety decrees, it means providing an assist to Salvini. We didn’t understand anything“.

M5S and Pd divided

It is certainly not a novelty, but also on the matter in question the pentastellates have divided: on the one hand those present at the negotiating table ask for the criminal trial; on the other there are those who want the administrative fines to remain firm. The latter is the line drawn by Luigi Di Maio, that now he works hard to imitate Salvini. The Foreign Minister invited Europe to open his eyes to the issue of immigration and recalled it to its commitments: “We must not be afraid to say that Italy alone cannot do it right now. We need a wide-ranging action on the topic, which safeguards the social stability of the country“.

Even inside the Democratic Party does not draw good air. The text for dismantle Security decrees should only arrive in the Council of Ministers in September, and this is exactly what provoked Matteo Orfini’s reaction: “If there really is an agreement on the modification of the Security decrees, why postpone everything in September? I ask Conte and the government to go from announcements to facts and to approve the changes to the next Council of Ministers“. The suspected of the parliamentarian dem it is clear: “Or (again) are we just pretending?“Matteo Mauri, deputy minister of the interior, thinks otherwise, speaking of absolute news and good news for our country:”Thanks to the work done by all the majority forces and the minister Lamorgese all the negative effects of the Salvini decrees are eliminated, which have generated only more illegality and less security for all“.