The email that unmasks Di Maio. So he rejected the “unwelcome”

It may seem paradoxical, but those who professed themselves as the bulwark of direct democracy did not act by implementing what are the basic principles for defining themselves as such. We are talking about the 5 star movement, which especially in recent times has accustomed us to everything. In the past few hours we have spoken to you about strange magic circle of Di Maio: how come many who attended the Imbriani high school in Pomigliano d’Arco together with the current Foreign Minister now hold important institutional positions? And why it was made out of candidates who turned out to be unwelcome without a valid reason? Questions that have not yet been answered, but which continue to torment the already precarious and animated situation inside the grillini.

The investigation of Le Iene speaks of Aniello Nazaria, ex activist pentastellato that never landed in Parliament despite having been chosen for the Chamber of Deputies: rather than applying article 84 of the electoral law for the allocation of seats advanced in other constituencies, other articles and criteria would have been applied with the approval of the M5S. He never got down and therefore he got involved again on the occasion of the European Championships, receiving 925 votes from the members on the platform Rousseau and ranking first in Campania. All normal? Yes, if it weren’t for the email that arrived in which he was challenged with a kind of inconsistency on the candidacy: “Answers, clarifications, humanity and zero solidarity. I was killed without an explanation“.

“Outside the Movement, you are a Freemason”

Curiosity led us to investigate the matter further and we discovered that it was not an isolated case. Also in Abruzzo similar episodes have occurred in recent years, with candidates who managed to pass the shift on Rousseau and then be hunted with a few lines of announcement: “Following the reports received, and the further checks carried out, we inform you that the Chief Politician has assessed the compatibility of your candidacy with the values ​​and policies of the 5 Star Movement, expressing a negative binding opinion on the opportunity to accept the candidacy. Therefore we inform you that your name has been excluded from the list of candidates“. Only the thought of Luigi Di Maio was evident, since no real explanation would ever have been provided. He knows it very well Attilio Falchi, which for the Regionals of 2014 takes the field: the Movement chooses to elect the candidate president and the candidate councilors in the assemblies “in attendance”, leaving only the final playoff for the president to be selected on the blog. In each province, therefore, i meetup they meet to vote for their candidate councilors and the name of the candidate to be proposed in the ballot box as President of the Region. After the voting sessions, after completing the board of directors, the names of the candidate candidates who should have been subjected to a playoff on the blog appear to be his (for the province of Teramo), Antonio Rullo (Chieti), Massimo Di Renzo (Pescara) and Massimo De Maio (L’Aquila).

The continuation of the operations to complete the picture of the candidates should have concerned only them but, just at the last moment, a simple “post Scriptum“changes the rules of the game and – suddenly liberalizing the candidacies for President of the Region – introduces 3 other names of subjects who proposed themselves without going through the will of the base. From the famous post scriptum to the online vote of the activists, a few weeks pass and there are two internal parallel activities, probably managed by the same people: “A promotional activity in favor of some also through the direct interest of authoritative figures and a disparaging work towards others “. Particularly affected is Attilio Falchi who, publicly declaring on his CV that he is a Knight of the Constantinian order of San Giorgio (S.M.O.C.), is accused of being a Freemason and called to justify himself in public assembly. The three-hour meeting serves man to explain that in reality the Constantinian Order of San Giorgio is the oldest chivalric order of Christianity and its title of merit is officially recognized by the Italian Republic: “My detractors did not get the hoped-for step back and nobody was able to prevent my participation in the next phase“.

In the end the online elections, called “presidenziarie“, take place with these results: Sara Marcozzi wins with 346 votes, followed by Attilio Falchi (234) and Massimo De Maio (206). From 2014 onwards Falchi always maintains the status of certified member, participating in the activities on Rousseau and in the Voting sessions are scheduled without anyone contesting anything. In view of the Abruzzo regional elections of 2019, he decides to apply again and this time the selections are made directly on the online platform. In August 2018 he is a candidate and eligible Pursuant to the 5-star Movement Statute: the official results of the second vote decree his right to be candidate regional councilor for the M5S having ranked fifth out of the seven available. The college of Arbitratorshowever, after a short time he made a further “correction”, establishing the anonymous reporting tool. “For the first time, I was suspended as a precaution both from joining the Movement and from the candidacy, excluding myself for the second time from the possibility of taking part in the elections“he explained exclusively to Upon immediate receipt of the counterclaims to the accusations suffered, the board of probivirs reserves 90 days to decide on the filing of the report or the imposition of the sanctions, or the time sufficient to be able not to candidate the candidate. “The filing of the accusations came late and obvious, however, only on 20 October 2019. Ten months later“.

That strange mail

Another case concerned Ubaldo Nappi, architect from Pescara put at the door by the European parliamentarians. The dreaded e-mail arrives on his e-mail box at 18:22 on 3 April 2019: his name has been excluded from the list of candidates. The first round had taken place on March 29; the second round is set for Thursday 4 April. Everything is going according to plan: on the blog screen you can see his photo and consult his CV. Then comes the braking: “They sent me this email. How can a candidate be killed 16 hours after the vote on the platform? Why did they kill me if they gave me the green light to apply first?“. The cause of this exclusion would be due to gods passed politicians with Sergio De Gregorio, the senator of Italia dei Valori famous for having contributed to the fall of the Prodi government. But the version provided by the grillini would not be exactly correct: “I met him in 2006, when I lived in Spain for work, in Madrid, and I was offered a candidacy for the policies in Italy of Italian values ​​in the world. I got a good result, even if I wasn’t elected and he proposed to me to be the coordinator of the Italians in the world in Abruzzo“As if that were not enough, the accusations also concern the presence of Gianfranco Fini at the intervention of one of the traditional Fli events in Mirabello. A series of precedents that have seen him to disappear from the list of 10 aspiring candidates in the European elections of May for the southern constituency, who have passed the first round of the “MEPs” of the 5 Star Movement voted on the Rousseau platform.

Nappi then learns that there would be some reports anonymous in Rome on his political past: “In the Movement there are people from Rifondazione. Why should I have been excluded?“. Also because he is truly a respectable person:”I only remember that I have never been investigated, sentenced, or starred in political scandals. That towards me was pure justicialism“. The architect told us he was profoundly disappointed from the 5 Star Movement: “I thought it gave opportunities to those who wanted to do politics and did not want to meddle in party situations“. He too was strongly attracted to the democracy live, but now – after past experiences – his judgment can only be negative: “Does not exist. They have proven to be one caste: if you are part of their tour, automatically go ahead; otherwise you are out“Nappi finally commented on the government agreement with the Democratic Party and with Renzi: a scenario that seemed absurd and unrealistic until June 2019.”In my opinion they did the biggest imbroglio politic of our political history. They presented themselves in a way and today they completely do the opposite of what they said. Who is part of the M5S, while remaining glued to the armchair, is capable of anything“he concluded.