The Democratic Party has yet to start but is already in the impasse – Time

Alessandro Giuli

There is more than one good reason not to despair, faced with the news that Virginia Raggi intends to reapply for the race to the Capitol scheduled for next year. The first is that the 5 Star Movement will face an unprecedented blow to the city that in 2016 inaugurated the takeover of the grillini to the national government. A pathological form of obstinacy and detachment from reality leads today the pentastellated leaders to derogate from the norm that establishes the limit of the two mandates; and precisely for the benefit of the worst figure expressed in the young history of the Movement. From Genoa, Jocker-Grillo “endorsed” the Rays bis operation with a post on Facebook that portrays them both under a very Roman “Daje!” Here, if it were needed, the queen proof of the vertical and monochromatic steering of the creature conceived in Casaleggio Associati. “With the third term the 5S project definitively collapses, Casaleggio senior was prophetic” is one of the tenderest online comments posted by naive militants nostalgic for purity that is all chatter and handcuffs. It is plausible to imagine that in 2021 the verdict of the capital will sanction at the same time the thunderous rejection of the Raggi and the dissolution of a great populist misunderstanding: from the cradle to the tomb of power.

It must also be considered that the Democratic Party experiences the situation with great embarrassment. Unless there is a sensational spin, the party led by Nicola Zingaretti will propose a domestic candidate chosen in the usual salottiera, piaciona and oligarchic nomenclature of the historic center. But in doing so he will plastically demonstrate the impossibility of establishing an organic relationship and perspective with the Five Stars and above all he will risk missing the target. With a double scenario in sight: the grillini will be ousted from the ballot and will be forced to converge more or less tacitly on the name of the Democratic Party (more likely hypothesis); that is, if the outgoing mayor were to activate in the second round against all odds, the Democratic voters will experience the excruciating psychodrama of having to choose whether to hand over the city to the national-conservative opposition or hold their noses for the benefit of the lunatic and malolerant Virginia.

Moreover, there is a sort of preventive discouragement that winds to the left, where Enrico Letta hides and conjures rather than adapt to the narrative that wants him to be strongly suspected as a candidate for mayor. Ditto for David Sassoli, current president of the European Parliament on behalf of the Democratic Party, often called upon for the Capitol. On balance, the Democratic Party has already sacrificed Ignazio Marino on the altar of civil warfare between internal currents and the story of the medical avulsion on a bicycle represents a still sensitive bogeyman for the entire Roman ruling class.

Finally, a dark shadow of irredeemability hangs over the city and this is perhaps the most disturbing aspect. In recent years the fear has grown that being mayor of Rome is worse than impossible: useless. Blue error. Because Rome was not (only) badly governed by the left and the grillini: it was literally abandoned as an overgrown and wild garden, soiled by public and private neglect, mortified by bad examples, deprived of a long-term strategic vision that did not succumb to the sectarian and Jacobin diktats personified by the Rays and his people. In other words: anyone who reaches the top of the Capitol will not be able to do worse than her, since she will find a city plunged into the Middle Ages, self-managed by citizens uneducated to civility in the total absence of adequate services. The umpteenth auto-combustion of the buses that welcomed the self-candidature of the Rays as a bad omen is there to show us the darkness from which the new mayor will have to rescue the capital. In appearance it is a titanic undertaking, in essence it will be a question of creating a new order out of the current chaos. A job for expert technicians or for non-improvised politicians, as long as they are devoted to the eternal Roman beauty that is now vilified and capable of addressing the voters a discourse of truth: Rome must be refounded, rethought, loved and delivered into the hands of an industrious, enthusiastic intelligentsia, illuminated and endowed with special powers. It can be done, it must be done.