The cut of annuities is blocked: the Senate cancels deliberations

Goodbye to cutting annuities. Green light from the Senate litigation commission to annul the resolution of the Presidential Council which, on 16 October 2018, decided on cutting privileges. In the body, called to examine the appeals presented by the senators, there were three votes in favor and two against, according to parliamentary sources. For the “no”, the two senators of the League, Simone Pillon and Alessandra Riccardi (former M5s recently passed to Matteo Salvini’s group).

The commission, reads the approved document, “partially accepts the appeals examined and to the effect cancels the provisions of the resolution in the part in which they provide for the total removal of the liquidation measures that were legitimately adopted at the time and impose a new liquidation that introduces criteria totally different. “

Canceled the resolution also in the part in which “the recalculation of the amount of the amounts is foreseen by multiplying the individual contribution amount by the coefficient relating to the age of the senator at the date of the starting date of the lifetime allowance or pro rata social security treatment, instead of the date of the entry into force “of the cut of the annuities. In addition, the part of the resolution in which “transformation ratios are expected which determine significant reductions, with an impact on the quality of life, of the minor amounts, without any effect on the maximum amounts” are canceled.

And the part in which “temperament correction criteria are envisaged for the results of the aforementioned recalculation and, in any case, unsuitable for eliminating the more serious consequences deriving from the application of the method adopted, as has already been considered with the judgment of 22 April 2020 on Judicial Council of the Chamber which annulled paragraph 7 of the resolution of the Presidential Council of the Chamber “.

And in the part in which “applying the same criteria also to the treatments of reversibility, do not take into account the fact that these treatments have already been reduced compared to direct allowances by 40% and that the further reduction envisaged seriously affects the quality of life “. The document refers to the” definitive and complete device that will be published in the filing the decision. “

The cutting of the annuities was canceled because it was considered unjustified in the face of the consolidated case law of the Constitutional Court and of European Union law, according to which, in the face of a consolidated situation, the interventions for reducing the amounts must meet five requirements, none of which had been respected from the resolution.

“It is a slap in the face of a country that suffers. The caste keeps its loot, we will never give up to restore the rule of law and the principle of equality. Who do we have to thank for the presidency of the Senate for this operation?”, the political leader of the 5 Star Movement argues, Vito Crimi.