“The capital is in disarray. Cinemas and theaters destroyed” – Il Tempo

 Pino I teach
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This time you don’t laugh. Pino Insegno, actor, voice actor, fiercely Italian, is sad to read the data on the condition of culture and entertainment in Italy. The front page of yesterday’s Il Tempo was a whiplash, with those devastating numbers on the post-Covid prospects for recovery. And talk about it to our newspaper. «The actors, like the voice actors and singers, and the people who work with us in this profession, have been standing still for a long time. And I fear it will be even worse. “


«I give a personal example. I missed 48 theater evenings. But the concern grows if we think about entourage, there are about 15 people who unfortunately will not have revenues. “

Does it apply to everyone?

«Of course, if we multiply my vicissitudes with those of all the actors, starting from the so-called minors, those who work with companies, musicals, for little money, it becomes disruptive. We do not have a salary, an integration of any kind, we have finite contributions to the Enpals that no longer exists, now there is INPS, let’s leave it alone … “.

But how many people suffer in the show?

“Just think of so many colleagues, of so many technicians who are fundamental for our world: costume designers, seamstresses, light fitters, electricians, stage directors, set designers, sound engineers, and many others, an important supply chain”.

With what perspective?

«I think of thousands of theaters without contributions: they will die. They skip this season and the next too. No, it is not clear why we will have to stay so far apart with this health terrorism that takes away serenity from people. Nobody books more tickets. Large and small cinemas and theaters pay for the fear placed on people. If we think it will even close the Elysium … “.

What about cinema?

“Idem. Closing theaters prevents many actors from continuing their careers. The same goes for movie sets, what’s the use of producing? Only for digital platforms? And how do you repay the economic efforts? ».

Are you disappointed.

“Definitely, because I think Italy is an extraordinary country, made up of extraordinary people of great quality. But the weight is our politicians. There are those who still pursue the annuity, those who do not cut their wages in half, to help others. “

Even this?

«Of course, we are a country that has more than 70 percent of the world’s cultural heritage. We taught everyone to make cinema, to sing, to play, and then we forget them. We let ourselves be governed from abroad, by those who decide the good and the bad weather. We annoy because we can make a difference, starting from tourism, art, the landscape. But who defends us? With you?”.

Golden Lion to Pino Insegno. The story of the beginnings is hilarious

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What should politics do?

“Perhaps it would be better for us to copy abroad into beautiful things, for example Paris, France. There, theater and cinema are respected, national productions are at the forefront, foreign products must leave a share of receipts for French cinema. In Germany too, my colleagues received contributions, not loans. Other than 25 thousand euros … We have a majority shareholder, which is the state. Every evening more than 70 percent go away in taxes. I don’t see an outlet. Nobody helps us. Gentlemen of politics, it is not enough to say that we are an extraordinary people. Without a push from the state in September we will not be able to do it ».