The black August of sales in big cities: “Shops lose a billion and a half” – La Stampa

TORINO. A blow was expected, it has arrived. The August sales are going badly, and Federmoda Confcommercio is sounding the alarm for a sector already severely tested by the pandemic and the lockdown. In mid-August, after about fifteen days from the start, in some regions even over a month, an overall drop in collections in shops and boutiques of about 1.4 billion is estimated. In fact, consumption should amount to 2.1 billion against 3.5 billion last year. In particular, according to a survey of consumer associations, 74% of the companies interviewed recorded a drop in sales compared to the first 10 days of sales in 2019. Sales are stable for 14% and positive for 12%. 53% of the companies that responded showed a decrease in turnover by 30% compared to the previous year, but for the remainder the loss was higher, reaching -70 / 80% in the centers of large cities that they suffer more, unlike the suburbs, smaller centers and tourist resorts which have registered some satisfaction.

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Purchases mainly concerned summer clothing such as t-shirts, polo shirts, sandals and Bermuda shorts but also women’s dresses, shirts, women’s shoes and trousers. A situation of great suffering which, according to operators in the sector, would need non-repayable grants to start over. In particular, “bonuses” for purchases of clothing and footwear, and a tax credit for the devaluation of warehouses, since it will be impossible to recover the spring season completely lost, with many products that will remain unsold.

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To weigh above all is the lack of tourists, which is putting hotels in great crisis. “We must survive in 2020 and hope that the vaccine will arrive soon and the tourists will then return to travel” explains the president of Federalberghi, Bernabò Bocca. “We saw foreigners, in particular Germans, Swiss and Belgians, while the British were absent – he says – All these countries are dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. But the real collapse of the tourist market is visible in the cities of art such as Rome and Florence where the Americans who were our oxygen have disappeared. We have reservations between 15 and 20% for September, but these are numbers with which it is difficult even to stay open. The costs are not covered by the few customers. It’s a heavy situation ». There’s more. «The“ corporate ”market has completely disappeared – adds Bocca-. The companies have put their staff into smart working until the end of this year and therefore there are no reservations for business conferences “.

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