The auction of Btp Italia starts in a rocket. Salvini: “It is the proof that Mes is not needed, trust the Italians”

The Btp Italia auction started like a rocket. In the first hour the requests already amounted to 700 million. For the first time, the issue has a specific destination, namely the financing of the interventions related to Covid-19. In the middle of the day, the demand on the 5-year government bond approaches 2 billion. It should be borne in mind that the previous issue, last October, on the first day raised subscriptions for a total of almost 2 billion. The good start is immediately exploited politically by the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, to highlight how this is the proof that “we must give confidence to the Italians” instead of insisting on talking about the Mes, the States-saving fund, which is “nothing more than a rip off. “

As regards the auction on the BTPs, it should be remembered that a minimum on the real rate and a loyalty bonus are guaranteed for those who will keep the security at maturity until 2025 equal to 8 per thousand. The auction will end on May 21st.