The air has changed and Giuseppi is afraid

In the corridor of the lost passes of Montecitorio, behind the Transatlantic that the anti-Covid measures 19 have transformed into a classroom, the bewilderment of the Democratic Party is staged. Luciano Pizzetti, Piddino deputy, undersecretary in the Renzi and Gentiloni governments, shakes his head and lets himself go to a confidence: “The States General of Conte’s Economy? A weapon of mass distraction to divert attention from the convocation of the prosecutor for the blame for the epidemic. Now it is to be seen whether a guarantee notice will arrive. ” Then Pizzetti embarks on an excursus on the tragedy of the virus in the areas of Lower Lombardy. “I explain they are from those parts. Three of them could decide the lockdown in Bergamasco: the mayor, the Region and the government. You cannot attach this cross to the poor mayor. Then there is the Region, but I say, also in dissent with my party, that what they are doing to Attilio Fontana is pure looting. And the only fault of Councilor Gallera if anything is to be an idiot and not a criminal. The government remains and here I stop … » So, suddenly, you realize that in that institutional corridor the premier is more or less popular as he was among the crowd of Piazza Colonna who, the day before, prevented him from the usual catwalk for coffee with the shout of “jester, jester” . With such vehemence that Giuseppi returned to Palazzo Chigi whispering in front of the cameras (scene obviously obscured by the news): «It’s impossible, impossible!». An «impossible» with an aristocratic tone that remembers so much the rien, that is the «nothing», with which Louis XVI commented in his diaries what happened in the work of the States General of 1789. «Those – is the sarcastic comment of the already candidate for the secretariat of the pd, Gianni Cuperlo did not bring well to Louis XVI, who ended up on the guillotine. I hope, however, that in his countless television stand-ups, the premier will not spoil the green lawn of Villa Pamphili: it would be a shame. It is a policy that depresses ».

In this country nothing is impossible. You can have a skyrocketing popularity index and ten days later fall “precipitously” into the dust. Or, again, you can propose yourself as a “model” for how you dealt with the epidemic and, in just two months, find yourself in front of a Public Prosecutor to clarify possible faults. Conte in the last 48 hours is testing it on his skin and today he will be in front of a prosecutor. In fact, nothing is impossible, but everything is predictable. The undersigned in this newspaper, on March 28, in the midst of a pandemic, wrote of the risk of a new Nuremberg trial for those who did not decree the lockdown in a timely manner to block the advance of the infection: a choice that would contain the number of victims and the duration of the closure. To imagine such an epilogue it was not necessary to have free access to the maps of the prosecutors like Marco Travaglio, but it would have been enough to appeal to common sense. And a government that on January 20 receives several simulations on possible developments of the epidemic, the most catastrophic of which even fears the risk of 600-800 thousand deaths; that January 31 decrees a state of national emergency; that on February 15 he shipped two tons of medical material (including masks) to China; that on 25 February he decided to appeal before the Consulta the choice of the governor of the PD of the Marche to close the schools, while to discharge all responsibility he referred the decisions on the lockdowns to the autonomy of the Regions; that in the end only surrenders on March 8, that is 40 days after the announcement of the state of emergency, in the impossibility of facing the contagion, to the idea of ​​the national lockdown; well, after all this, at first glance, a premier could have some responsibility.

Except that instead of looking at reality, in the last month at Palazzo Chigi they have planned to use a series of “distracting” tools. The flanking networks of the “militant contismo”, first of all Il Fatto, began to identify the scapegoats in the Fontana-Gallera couple on which to unload all the blame: to be clear, at Palazzo Lombardia not everything worked, indeed, but they had not available to decide neither the catastrophic simulations of the experts, nor the reports reserved by China.

Nor did they have a minister of health, Speranza, who, aware of all this data, for twenty days preached the lockdown as a vain, in vain. On the staircase leading to the exit of Piazza del Parlamento two blue deputies, Andrea Mandelli and Alessandro Colucci, acknowledge it. He vented: «The thing that hurts me most is being called before a prosecutor after three months of living like this. For weeks, I preached the closure myself. Then on February 21st the Minister of Defense, Lorenzo Guerini, asked me to listen to a head physician from the hospital of Lodi who absolutely wanted to talk to me. We met him together. I have thirty people a day who come to the emergency room told us alarmed – because they can’t breathe !. I said we have to close. Lorenzo asked me to think about … businesses … the mayors of the area. But I was adamant on the Lodigiano … A few days passed and Salvini asked to reopen, Fontana is uncertain, Sala starts campaigning about Milan, Zingaretti invites me to an aperitif on the Navigli, the very place where he was infected. La Quartapelle writes to me: It would be nice to have you there. But I with the cabbage that I went there. In fact, I started doing a daily work of convincing Conte by preaching the closure … day after day ».

Except that day after day, 17 days pass before the prime minister decides to put it into practice. Meanwhile, nobody decides anything for Bergamasco. The hypothetical fault is all here. And, given that in Italy nothing is impossible, but everything is predictable, the prime minister has begun to fear the judicial queue. Now, in a civilized country, political errors should not turn into criminal liability: Donald Trump would risk the death penalty. But if Salvini risks trial for 40 days on a ship of irregular immigrants on a ship, it is no wonder that a premier who takes 40 days to decide a lockdown in the face of an epidemic that causes, today’s data , 35 thousand dead, may end up in court. Reason why even the hypothesis of the States General born from the perverse mind of Casalino, suddenly, ten days ago, just as the convocation of the prosecutors was delivered to Palazzo Chigi, has all the air of being a weapon of “distraction mass”. “It serves to divert attention,” says Colucci confidently. “Aim for this, but not only,” remembers the Northern League Garavaglia. “It’s a good read of something that otherwise doesn’t make sense”, underlines the group leader of the Carroccio, Riccardo Molinari.

Except that, with the opposition that deserted them and other absences that announce themselves, the States General, like other brilliant ideas of Casalino, risk becoming a boomerang. «We are on an inclined plane confides the piddino Luca Lotti, we should open another phase, immediately. I agree. But the opposition is there? It’s something Mattarella should do in three days. With a serious agreement, since in March 2021 until the white semester another election window opens and I do not want to go to the polls. With you? If they call you as an informed person, it is unlikely that they will turn you into a suspect ».