The 5s also want to change the Constitution: “In art.1 there is secularity”

Now the 5 Star Movement wants to modify the Constitution. To protect atheists. The goal is to introduce the principle of secularism of the state in Article 1 of the Charter. To ask were 28 pentastellated senators who presented a bill at Palazzo Madama, entitled:“Amendments to article 1 of the Constitution regarding secularism of the Republic”.

The grillini and the secular principle of the state

The first signatory is the exponent Grillino Iunio Valerio Romano, who thus explained to theAdnkronos:“I believe that the principle of secularism of the state is closely linked to a stronger protection of freedom of religion and also to profess one’s atheism“. The senator then stressed that he was convinced that the time is now ripe to ensure that both the democratic and secular character of our country is consolidated, always taking into account and respecting Italy’s Catholic tradition of identity. Romano then went on to certify that“there secularism of the Republic is one of the founding principles of our Constitution, considered supreme by the constitutional jurisprudence itself, whose existence derives from the pluralist principle which inspires our order “. In a nutshell, Italy, again according to the senator, should be defined as a democratic and secular republic.

Article 1 of the Constitution now states that“Italy is a democratic republic, founded on work. Sovereignty belongs to the people, who exercise it in the forms and within the limits of the Constitution “. Adding the secular word would be a way for the pentastellate to reiterate the non-denominational character of our system which expresses civil values ​​of religious origin. Such can be tolerance, mutual respect, valuing people and sanctioning the rights of all individuals. The proposal is therefore aimed at allowing anyone to be able to profess their religion, or their atheism. Among the signatories of the bill there are also Barbara Lezzi, Mauro Coltorti, Emanuele Dessì and Elio Lannutti.

The most discussed article

Of the 139 articles that make up the Republican Constitution, which entered into force on January 1, 1948, more than seventy years ago, the most controversial is the first. L’article 1 has always generated strong discussions. Since its presentation it has divided and left unsatisfied part of Italian culture and politics. If in the past the word that you wanted to add was freedom, now it seems to be instead, for the grillini, to add the definition “secular”.