That procession of blue cars that ‘escorted’ Di Maio to Mendrisio

A caravan of blue car along the highway: “The Italian Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, arrived in Mendrisio“. The comment, complete with video, appeared on the Facebook page of Stefano Tonini, deputy of the Ticino League to the Grand Council.

From the battles against privileges and blue cars, to their disproportionate use. It is the last “turnaround” of the grillini, documented today by the images published by the Ticino deputy. “We will cut those who are i privileges of blue cars. There is no escape, we are now starting to restore some social equity in this country“said the number one pentastellato, Luigi di Maio, just a couple of years ago, a guest at Di Martedì on La7.“The old policy says that we take taxis– he added-but you only took the blue cars“.

And only a year ago, the Foreign Minister raised the dose: “Need reduce blue cars for politicians at best, cut all those that are not needed and I will also ask President Conte. At the same time, the remaining diamole supplied to the police and law enforcement agencies that need it“.

But now, the grillini seem to have forgotten the existence of those privileges they fought against. And Di Maio would arrive in Mendrisio with a super armored journey. “Are you jealous of the view I have from my office?“ironically Tonini, who framed the cars from the” strategic “window of his office. And the comments rained on the river below the post, of those who condemned the waste of money, to those who advised the grill to” stay at his home”.