Telecom pushes Piazza Affari – La Stampa

Positive day in Piazza Affari where the Ftse Mib index gains 0.54% to 20,137 points and the All Share makes + 0.51% to 21,964. On the main list, Telecom Italia (+ 5.09%), Mediobanca (+ 3.18%), StMicroelectronics (+ 2.81%) and Diasorin + 2.32% shine in various sectors. Gusts of falls in the energy sector: Italgas (-2.06%), Hera (-1.99%), A2A (-1.65%) and Terna (-1.51%) drop on the Ftse Mib.

The most important event on the agenda for tomorrow is the speech that the president of the American Federal Reserve, Jerome Powell, will give in Jackson Hole, at the opening of the symposium of world bankers. The US GDP numbers will also arrive from America in the second quarter and those of unemployment benefits requests, while a series of macroeconomic data is expected from Italy: Istat data on industry turnover and orders in June, and numbers of the INPS Observatory on the redundancy fund in July and on precarious work in June.