Tax, hypothesis of (double) extension for June payments

In view of a postponement of tax deadlines with a double extension for payments. This is what ItaliaOggi hypothesizes by explaining that “a decree of the Prime Minister will set a first window on 30 July, to allow the approval of the more convenient extension, to 30 September, contained in the amendments currently only presented to the Relaunch decree (dl 34 / 20) “. Everything, of course, will depend on the performance of the economy after the reopenings and on the results of the actions taken in these months, the results of which can probably be assessed towards the end of the summer.
Next Tuesday, the appointment with the examination of the amendments, including the one signed by all the deputies of the Finance Committee of the Chamber relating to the postponement of payments to 30 September for Isa subjects and for those to whom the flat-rate regime applies. In this case, for, without installments.

The openings of Minister Gualtieri

The emergency linked to Coronavirus has upset the fiscal calendar which has seen itself forced to extend the deadlines, as in the case of those of March moved to September 16 and which could see a new postponement at the end of November or, alternatively, grant “Greater rateation to taxpayers”, as ItaliaOggi writes. The same minister of the economy, Roberto Gualtieri has confirmed that the possibility of a further postponement of the suspension of payments or, in fact, of “diluting payment installments to a greater extent” is being evaluated.

What does the relaunch decree mean?

As regards the payments suspended in March, the relaunch decree has fixed the payment on 16 September 2020 in a single solution or from that date the payment of the first of 4 installments. In June, then, the appointment on the subject of not insignificant taxes. Approximately 29 billion F24 will move between IRES, personal income tax and substitute taxes. In the relaunch decree (dl 34720) the ranks of those who request a postponement of tax terms are nourished.