Stati Generali, Castelli: «We will transform the ideas of relaunch into law»

“Innovate the country, like never before. a unique, unrepeatable opportunity that we cannot absolutely waste. This is why all the opportunities for discussion are important, starting from the States General “. To say it on Facebook the Deputy Minister of Economy and Finance, Laura Castelli. “Sorry for those who have decided to shirk, trying to diminish an opportunity that is certainly no alternative to the parliamentary confrontation”, continued Castelli.

The minister then called the Recovery Fund a “big step forward for Europe”, “which we have also achieved thanks to the determination of our government”. According to Castelli, “we will come out of these States General with concrete measures, not with a dream book. We will turn the country’s relaunch ideas into laws. And we will do it according to a busy schedule, because there is not a minute to lose. We need to speed up some of the dossiers we were already working on, such as that of the tax reform. That it will have to be even more serious and radical. A reform that will lead us to the necessary reduction of taxes “. To this, the deputy minister explains, “we will combine a process of regulatory reorganization and simplification, we are already working with the Ministry’s Offices and with the Revenue Agency. 800 tax laws are a blunder, we will bring them back into a Consolidated Law “.

And then there is the whole part related to the fight against tax evasion. “In recent years we have done a lot,” says Castelli, “but obviously not yet enough if the underground economy still exceeds 100 billion a year. The comparison with the productive categories and with the social partners, also on this, fundamental. In the coming weeks the government will launch a new decree, which we are working on, for the sburocratization, simplification and unblocking of investments “. Rules that will “quickly allow hundreds of billions of euros to be” grounded “that are stuck in the state coffers. A great plan, already financed, which will give an immediate shock to the economy “. The deputy minister then explains that from a first survey “there are at least 127 billion, and we have not yet finished with the mapping. But to restart the country we must go back to being what we are by millennial tradition, spur and example “.