How Can I Buy Stamps From the Staples Near Me

If you want to buy stamps then Staples can be a very good option for you. Stamp booklets, forever stamp and other important things that help you for shipping like envelopes, boxes, pen, tape, rubber stamps, rubber tape and other important things are available in the staples near me now. If you are pondering about whether stamps are available in the nearest staples, then you have come to the right place.

Being a new user, the question must arise in your mind that, does Staples sell stamps? It is to state you that the staples near me sell not only stamps but all the essential products for shipping. Now you can also get your stuff outside the post office and grocery stores. Only one advice when you enter a Staples store, be specific about your needs. Like what kind of stamp or the number of stamps or if it is forever stamp with longevity that you need and be sure about the amount of postage you need.

Staples Near Me Now


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Being a bit less popular, Staples sells all kind of stamps at an affordable price and is also a prominent option before you are heading towards a post office.

Why Choose Staples Near Me:

Staples has an immense storage for office supplies, equipment and other important stuff. You can buy things at Staples both offline(from their stores) and online( through Staples website and mobile app). Because of its large storage, anyone, who is in search of office supplies or shipping stuff, can find it very helpful.


Staples Business Advantages, a division, established by the company serves the various enterprises. For office workers, Staples near me now is a reason for relaxing. All the services which the company provides, including the competitive price, are very much enjoyed by the clients. Staples’ services are high quality and affordable, which makes them lovable for the small business owner. With their numerous stores spread out the in America and Europe, Staples are now easy to find.


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How to Buy Postal Stamps from Staples

1. First you need to visit

2. Now you have to search stamps which you want to buy 

Staples Near Me Now

You can fill the required detail like your address and other detail for faster check out option.

Affordable Shipping Supplies:

Box, tape, bubble wrap, envelop, these are the essential supplies for shipping something to your desired location. If you choose to buy them from post office then the stuff will cost you a high amount but on the contrary, if you choose to buy them at the Staples near me now, you will get them at an affordable price.

So, for affordable shipping, buy all the supplies from outside party like Staples, pack it properly to avoid extra charges and send the package to the intended destination.

Forever Stamps at Staples:

If you want to buy an immense number of forever stamps to ensure that you cannot be restrained from mailing a one-ounce letter, you should visit the staples near me now. Nobody wants to pay extra money for the same thing like forever stamps whose price is permutable very frequently.

Like in 2007 the price of forever stamps were 0.44$ and in 2017 it increased to 0.49$. So, if you purchase these stamp sufficiently then you would not face any problem in future that is why it is called forever stamps. Remember to weigh your package before shipping and then buy a suitable stamp based on its weight.

It is sure that every time when you mail a package, its weight would change the price of the stamp. So, if you foresee that you would send a package more than an ounce, then buy bigger size stamps as many as possible.

Regular Stamps:

If you need stamps for mailing, then Staples is the best option you can get. Just walk into a Staples store and ask for stamp book. Now you have to choose the size of the stamp, which depends on the weight of your package. Normal stamps are slightly different from forever stamp in their price and their validity.

Normal stamps should be used immediately and on the contrary, forever stamps offer lifetime validity. So if you want to use the stamps 1year after your purchase then buy as many forever stamp as you can. You can also get postage stamps at Staples.


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Oversized Package Stamps:

You would need oversized package stamps if the measurement of your package is larger than the normal size, which is 6 ⅛” high x 11 ½” long x ¼” thick. If your package does not cross the dimension then you need not worry. So, you might have a question that does Staples sell postage stamp? Yes, whether you would definitely get normal and oversized postage stamps at Staples.

Sometimes oversized postage stamps are necessary when you are mailing a package containing a bigger object. The safe delivery of your package is the most important thing. So, wrap your package with bubble wrapper to avoid any calamity.


Staples Near Me Now:

Use online staple store locator to find out staples near me now. Staples stores are now there in numerous numbers throughout USA, South Africa, America, North America, Canada etc.

The Staples evolved from 1986. From one store they now established 3000 stores spread out in 26 countries including, United States, Brazil, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, China, India, Austria, Australia and united kingdom also. So locating a Staples store near you is easy now.

Moreover, Staples has subsidiaries working under them with various names in different places. Staples Canada, Mondoffice in Italy, Officenet-Staples in Argentina and Staples Office Center in Netherlands. So, nowadays finding a Staples store is very easy. Being a multinational corporation, Staples has given proofs though out these years that they are a remarkable alternative to a post office in the field of buying stamps. They are also supported by their customers and the corporation also treats the staff well.


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Staples Customer Support


Staples customer support available from  8:30 AM to 9:00 PM ET Monday to Friday and Sundays from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM ET. You can call to Staples 800-333-3330, or you can also chat with customer support here.


Being all around the world, Staples has given a hope to find them or their subsidiary stores which provide similar services. You should note the fact that when you are outside of USA you generally will neither be able to purchase USA stamps nor will you be able to buy postage to mail anything within the USA.

After going through all the changes and evolution Staples has become an ordinary store to a multinational corporation. Still their primary aim has not changed, to satisfy the customer by providing them with the products at an affordable price. This is what makes Staple so popular.