So the South is back on the agenda

twelve o’clockJune 24, 2020 – 12:37 am

For Visco, not a chapter of the Development Plan but the discriminating factor through which all national economic policy choices must pass

of Emanuele Imperiali

TOThe term of the General States of the Economy, a data that makes us think arrogantly emerges: the South, which was completely off the agenda, jumped strongly to the fore, thanks to the intervention of the President of the Monetary Fund, which identified in the disparities regional one of the major bottlenecks to development, and, above all, to the indictment of the governor of Bankitalia, who has put the same prime minister and most of the government and experts in the corner.

Ignazio Visco overturns the table, speaks, as always, as a technician, cites irrefutable data and statistics, but from his reasoning it emerges with absolute clarity that without the South the Country System will not emerge from the post-Covid-19 crisis. First of all, the helmsman in via Nazionale is very clear on a point of extreme importance: the southern question cannot continue to be the usual ritual folder of a more comprehensive revitalization program, the stale content of a part of Italy, as so far almost always happened. In any case, what is written in mega projects is almost always a dead letter.

No, for Visco, the South is not a chapter in Italy’s development plan today, but the bond, the discriminating factor through which all national economic policy choices must pass. It is a Copernican revolution, a 180 degree change of course. Because it means a precise thing: if you do, as indispensable, a national industrial policy, which has been missing for too long, from the southern regions that you start, in those that you experience, to these latitudes that you realize first, and above all with greater intensity than in the rest of the country. Let us be clear, that of the Governor of Bankitalia is much more than a welfare choice, the condition by which the entire country can adequately develop. Here the real turning point was born, which, it is to be hoped for, they also realize in the North. The figures are proof of this, if Italy has wanted to increase GDP by more than a paltry 1.5% per year and at least 1% labor productivity since 2021, then the main road is to remove the structural constraints that prevent it. .

The laces and laces were defined by Guido Carli. And the structural limits to the low growth potential of the entire nation are here in the South. We have tried countless times in the past, Visco recalls, with different intervention approaches, but they are all wretchedly wrecked. Why, is there any question? Precisely for the fact that it acted with different methods and resources above and below the Garigliano. Almost as if Italy were double and not unique. The goal of the entire country must be to adapt the southern habitat so that it is suitable for attracting investments. And here the design of the Italian branch of the ECB is back on the field: starting from the South to build a more modern school, a more efficient Public Administration, an infrastructure infrastructure, physical and digital, more suitable for the development of a territory.

And on public works, the central banker goes further, because it provides a seriously worrying figure: in the southern area there is only 30% of the infrastructure works, of which three quarters are unfinished. Only in this way will the Mezzogiorno not continue to pay the higher prices of the depletion of young and qualified human capital and the social costs resulting from the non-enjoyment of citizenship rights. Monetary aid, subsidies, in a word assistance, makes Visco understand, were necessary in this emergency phase, but now woe to think that the South can live only on prebends, while female employment in the South plunges to levels from the Third World. Hearing these words only the Minister of Cohesion Provenzano gloats, the rest of the government appears appalled at the virulence of Visco’s criticisms.

The prime minister relaunches the territorial inclusion between the guidelines of the development plan, the Minister of Infrastructures De Michele guarantees that the first public works sites will start by the summer starting from the South and announces the High Speed ​​also in the South, the minister of Economy Gualtieri proposes the Advantage Tax, albeit temporary, in the southern territories. The hope that these promises are not only circumstantial and will not melt like snow in the sun in the first heat of a summer that promises to be hot for the South.

June 24, 2020 | 00:37