“So far no invitation has arrived” – Time

An invitation for a meeting with Conte? We don’t know anything, we haven’t received any invitations. I trust that the invitation will come, given that Conte has declared it. To date I can only say that every time we have been invited to a confrontation with the Prime Minister, on issues affecting the nation, we have gone. But this did not entail any real desire for dialogue ». So the leader of Fdi Giorgia Meloni guest of Bianca Berlinguer at “Carta Bianca” on Raitre. “We were invited to these States General, to this beautiful catwalk in the luxury villa while all our proposals in the Budget Commission, for the Relaunch dl, were rejected – he added – It doesn’t make much sense to discuss the future when out of the 80 billion that the the government has spent between the Cura Italia decree and the relaunch decree there was no desire to confront each other “.

The meeting, added Meloni, “has not been set, no one has talked about it. We don’t go there to find a compromise, we go there to reveal the bluff, which we have already seen. The government throws the ball in go ahead to lengthen your life, but I don’t think this government deserves it. I hope in free elections quickly, I have no reason to participate in this 3-card game. The problem is easily revealed: the Prime Minister, together at the invitation, send us the document “. “The message of the States General is that the government does not have a shred of proposal. If I govern a nation and convoke the human race, at least I present myself with a proposal,” said the FDI leader.