Simplifications, almost 100 pages and 48 articles. But there are knots to untie

The Cabinet, convened at 9:30 pm in Palazzo Chigi but started with an hour and a half late, a rather full-bodied agenda follows. Three fundamental themes to be addressed during a night that promises to be very long: simplification decree, National Reform Plan and Budget Adjustment Bill.

To slow down the beginning of the CDM, to what theAdnkronos, was in fact the discussion on works to unlock in the ad hoc list, the powers of the commissioners and the great works to be placed under their direction.

The point on the simplifications dl

For what concern dl simplifications, the attempt in the government is to bring home a sort of truce, approving the text with the formula of “except agreements”. However, agencies report, a big PD has made it clear that tonight can only be the first half of a long game.

We at Conte told him in every way. The path taken is not the right one. We will see the texts but if they don’t go well we are ready to modify them in the House and in the Senate“continued the same source.

As reported by the agency Adnkronos, the Simplifications dl – now taken for granted – will be approved with the aforementioned formula “unless otherwise understood”, because on various points, starting from the contracts, the knots have not yet been unraveled and there is a need to go to extra time.

The draft of the decree

The new draft of the simplification decree provides for the appointment of commissioners for more complex works. In particular, Adnkronos further underlines, “infrastructural interventions characterized by a high degree of design complexity, by a particular executive or implementation difficulty, by complexity of the technical-administrative procedures or that have a significant impact on the socio-economic fabric at national, regional or local level“will be made by relying on”appointment of one or more Extraordinary commissioners which is arranged with the same decrees“.

Furthermore, “with one or more subsequent decrees, to be adopted in the manner referred to in the first period by June 30, 2021, the President of the Council of Ministers can identify, on the basis of the same criteria as in the first period, further interventions for which the appointment of extraordinary Commissioners can be arranged “, reads the same draft.

In all they are 48 articles, for a total of 96 pages, ranging from public works contracts to measures for the support and dissemination of digital administration, to the environment, with the new Via (Environmental Impact Assessment). There have been frictions in the majority on the text, but the CDM is preparing to give the green light

The other files

In the executive, however, there is no compactness on the subject of procurement. In other words, the Giallorossi front is disunited. Anyhow, Roberto Gualtieri will illustrate the PNR, which must be sent to Brussels, while Conte will present a text on which he will ask for the convergence of political forces.

At the same time, the Prime Minister is grappling with a series of dossiers on which fibrillations continue to occur. On the Mes it will be discussed after the summer, but before the European Council the prime minister will have to inform the majority on the negotiations related to European aid. It will also be necessary to circumvent the obstacle of the resolution of + Europe in which the use of the State-saving fund will be requested.

On 8 July the Consulta will be pronounced on the Highways affair and the government is called to clarify the issue of revoking the concession. But the red-yellow front is also grappling with the Regional puzzle. Zingaretti and Franceschini press for an agreement, “progress is being made in both Liguria and Tuscany and in Puglia“observed a dem member.

Actually the negotiations they go slowly and the former Renzians themselves do not agree on the need to link the survival of the government to an agreement with the pentastellato. And if Prime Minister Conte would experience the lack of an agreement as a defeat, neither the leader of Iv nor a part of the Democratic Party think so. In the background there is also the clash over the electoral law.