Silvio Berlusconi: “It is absurd not to ask for the Mes”

The appeal made by Confindustria to the government, namely to channel funds from the European Union in the best possible way, is underwritten and strongly reiterated by Silvio Berlusconi and his party.

The Forza Italia leader said he was“fought hard with fellow European leaders in the European People’s Party, for Europe to do its part in helping Italy in the face of pandemic. With Antonio Tajani and the other representatives of Forza Italia, we engaged in a great deal of contacts to bring the European Parliament to express itself in a series of votes in the direction of a solidarity commitment from Europe “.

In an interview released on “The print”, the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi he had appealed to the country on the matter, asking for careful management.“After the go-ahead to the 750 billion European Fund I read the reactions of politicians, and I have the impression that as usual there is a tendency to make Italians believe that we have finally solved all our troubles. It is not true, and the politics has a duty to say. It is not true that the 172 billion, if they remain so after the negotiation between the States, will reach us by default “, warned Bonomi, as reported by Nova.“The decisive turn in Brussels is important,” he added, “but the road is still long and winding. In the meantime, we cannot make people believe that we will use that money to do current shopping, in the belief that now with the formula of ‘aid to lost funds’ all European constraints have been missed. Conversely, we will have to submit a reform plan credible and rigorous, otherwise we will never see those billions. Admitted and not granted that in September we will be able to present the reform plan “, concluded the president of Confindustria,“the funds will come a little at a time, based on what we will prove from time to time to have started and then implemented. And that’s exactly why I worry, knowing Italian politics”.

Silvio Berlusconi follows the line drawn by the industrial.“I can only subscribe to the appeals launched by Confindustria and the other production categories. We must make the best use of all the resources that Europe makes available to us. I am thinking in particular of the funds of the European Stability Mechanism (Mes), which would be absurd not to request, given that we have the possibility to finance ourselves with a rate close to zero. With those resources, we can also invest in healthcare so as not to get unprepared for a possible second wave of the pandemic in the fall “, adds the leader of Forza Italia.

“We can build new hospitals, modernize existing ones”, he explains,“to create health departments in nursing homes for the elderly and in prisons, invest more in research, hire more doctors and nurses and pay more for those who already work, we will be able to take care of people whose health is at risk and who is in in a serious situation poverty.

“All this of course also means making investments that set important production sectors in motion, from construction to the pharmaceutical industry. As regards the Recovery fund, it is a question of ensuring that the European Council confirms what the Commission has decided”, says Berlusconi in conclusion.“If this happens, as I hope it will be crucial that these resources, which are twice the amount allocated to date by the Conte government, do not become welfare or clientele spending, but guarantee liquidity to the production system to start again in a logic of investment and market “.