Sarcasm on the dead Covid, De Luca apologize to the North – Time

 Vincenzo De Luca
Francesco Storace

From speck to provocateur. From caricature to jackal. Vincenzo De Luca is not a sheriff, but a vulture pouncing on the corpses of Lombardy for a kind of macabre-federalism that serves him to wave the Campania flag – muddying it – for the election campaign. This is the only way to explain its latest release. His statement about the tragedy that hit the north with the coronavirus has sparked outrage. And she was greeted by the embarrassed silence of her coalition, which really has no arguments to defend the controversial character who governs Campania. Why can’t we reach such a low level.

The outgoing governor of Campania denotes a total lack of humanity: «When we closed elsewhere public initiatives were made: Milan does not stop, Bergamo does not stop, Brescia does not stop. Then they stopped to count thousands of dead ». A cynicism that competes with the bullying on the skin of thousands of corpses and their families. To subtract consensus from the comeback of Stefano Caldoro – his opponent who leads the center-right – the president of Campania resorts to a truly abject linguistic paraphernalia. Moreover, wrong. Why Milan doesn’t stop, said Beppe Sala, his party mate. And not only the mayor of Bergamo Giorgio Gori followed him, he too piddino like his colleague from Brescia, Emilio Delbono; even Nicola Zingaretti went up to the Lombard capital and went to become infected for an aperitif on the Navigli. If it had remained dry, even Zingaretti would have been entangled in the incredible and shameful propaganda output of De Luca.

The silence of the secretary of the Democratic Party in the face of such an unhappy affirmation can certainly not be accidental. Which has received very tough disputes also from Matteo Salvini and Giorgia Meloni, as well as from Caldoro himself. The choral invitation to the governor of Campania is ashamed of what he has managed to pronounce.

Storm also on social media, as was inevitable. Of course, there are also those who have the courage – and it takes a lot – to defend De Luca, but the general fact that emerges is the question that many ask themselves: the president-sheriff’s idea, the one who loves to chop on facebook his political adversaries, what would have happened if the virus had landed in Campania with the same impact recorded in Lombardy as in Emilia Romagna? The squalor of De Luca’s controversy emerges clearly in the analysis of statistical data on health migration and what costs the region of Campania for the mobility of his clients to other territories to be treated. “The worst absolute value in Italy”, Caldoro tells us, because we are talking about 350 million a year that the cashier of the region must pay to the others. Every year, 14,000 people from Campania take care of themselves in Lombardy, says the Lega and De Luca has the nerve to offend that health system.

The nonsense that caused him a lot of controversy forced De Luca to try a sterile reverse, with the classic worst-of-the-hole patch: “I happened to tell Sapri something trivial, which has been said by everyone in recent months, and that is that in some Italian realities some measures have been taken with some delay. They managed to make a shameful, unworthy, lousy speculation, based on a very trivial objective observation made by everyone in Italy ». True, there have been late measures: try to ask Premier Giuseppe Conte, Vincenzo De Luca for a reason. The lost time is being examined by the court of ministers, to whom the Prosecutor of the Republic of Rome has sent a file with as many as 14 folders for a culpable epidemic. Perhaps the outgoing president of the Campania region would like to apologize, perhaps going to lay some bouquets of flowers in Milan, Bergamo, Brescia. Those dead deserve respect and not vulgarity for electoral purposes.